Saturday, March 17, 2012


I should start another blog: DESPATCHES FROM THE WAR ON WOMEN - the whole phony, contrived women's contraception scandal that was manufactured and propagated directly from the Obama Oval Office in a contrived attempt to draw voters attention away from the 20,000 ton gorilla in the room - the economy / unemployment / gas prices / housing slump - and recruit women voters to the Democrat cause.

The whole thing had all the earmarks of a Saul Alinsky manouever - as a strategist I saw this right away (Unconventional Warfare Rule #1 - Know Your Enemy. Rule #2 - Never Underestimate Your Enemy) and that's how I was able to call it for what it was.

Too bad it failed: a week later Barry Soetero's poll numbers are down three points to 41 - source: New York Times - and the guy they tried to isolate and assassinate a la Alinsky - Rush Limbaugh - only lost one advertiser (Carbonite - who's stock price promptly dropped 20%) and in the meantime picked up four new major advertisers.

How can this possibly be? Rush was supposed to be fired by now (maybe somebody can explaing to me how a self-employed businessman gets fired I still haven't figured that one out) or at the very least banished to Sirius yet there he is still going strong on the AM band; and after a week of phony outrage and strained attempts to brand Conservative Republicans as misogynist Neanderthals, women are voting in droves for the OTHER guy they tried to character-assassinate: Rick Santorum.

There IS a War on Women but it's not the Republicans who are waging it; the War on Women is being conducted by the Democrats and their willing minions in the Leftwing Lamestream Media and we all know who is on top of the Priority Targets list: Sarah Palin. They said ten times MORE deplorable things about Sarah than Rush EVER said about that flake Sandra Fluke and we're all still waiting for anything resembling an apology or a cry for civility.

Come to think of it I'm still waiting for an apology from the President of the United States for calling me and all my like-minded buddies "teabaggers" - we all know what that means Mr. President and so do you but just in case there's still somebody uninformed out there as to how Barack Hussein Obama refers to the majority of the Republican Party I'll fill you in: "teabagging" is slang for a sexual stunt that involves placing one's scrotum into the mouth of one's sexual partner - an act usually associated with the homosexual community.

As far as I'm concerned Rush shouldn't have apologized. What did he have to apologize for? Calling Sandra Fluke a slut and a prostitue? Both those words appear in the Bible multiple times, and excuse me but if you require $3000 of contraception a year I'd venture to say you ARE a slut, and if you expect me and everybody else to fund your fun then you ARE a prostitute.

Anyway I'm still waiting for an explaination for how and why Sandra Fluke - a self-proclaimed Lesbian - needs birth control for in the first place ? ? ? What? To keep her from CLONING herself?

Hmmm . . . come to think of it if there is a risk of THAT happening maybe the $3000 worth of contraception isn't such an outrageous concept after all . . .





  1. Look...if that thing has the ability to clone itself...were finished!

  2. Newsflash A groundbreaking new drug has been recently developed for lesbians with chronic depression.............
    It's called Trycoxagain.

  3. Lesbian? She was just partying in Italy with a BOYfriend.