Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I've been a bit quiet lately, that's because I've been sick. Here's the latest:

Yesterday was the first time in two weeks I woke up without coughing - between this thing & you I have had a scary look at my own mortality. No big deal but nothing compared to what I'm used to.

Saturday my dog Yogi got savaged by the beast dog that lives next door - most of the wounds were puncture wounds and I treated them with antibiotic oinkment, but the beast dog took out three chunks of skin approx 5-10mm diameter each.

Dog Yogi

When we got back to the house and I got the dog calmed down I got out my crash kit and went to work.

Before I got started I changed out of my good pants and put on a pair of fatigues - didn't want blood all over my good trousers. Then I set up shop in the hallway - where the dog only had 2 ways to go - had the girls hold her down and went to work. I shaved the fur back, zapped in a little local anaesthetic and threw in 12 sutures. The place looked like a safehouse in the good old days; blood all over the place, bloody bandages and debris all over the place, a bottle of cognac off to the side to sterilize instruments & fortify the surgeon . . .

My daughters were saying, "Where did you learn how to do medicine, Daddy?" I was laughing - happy in my work because I'm always happy when I'm soldiering - "Well its like this; there's a few things every good Special Forces engineer ought to be able to do if he's worth a damn . . . "


"People, too . . . that's part of what we do . . ."

TigerLily took Yogi to the vet today. The vet’s remarks were (and I quote): “Who worked on this dog? A South African heart surgeon? Whoever it is, he’s not only a medical miracle worker, he’s an artist!”

TigerLily: “Well, my husband was a Special Forces soldier you know . . .”

Vet: “SAY NO MORE ! ! ! Those guys are trained to fly 747’s in case there’s a hijack situation and the pilots are killed and they have to land the airplane! EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT ! ! ! For a Green Beret - BRAIN SURGERY IS EASIER THAN CHINESE ARITHMATIC ! ! !”

Whatever . . . anything to perpetuate the myth; it's all part of our psyops campaign to strike fear into the hearts of our enemies years before we even appear on the battlefield. Dog Yogi is okay; there was nothing more they could do so they handed out some painkillers and some antibiotic oinkment and sent TigerLily & dog on their way . . .

"That's my story and I'm sticking to it!"


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  1. So what will/or has/ become of the beast next door?

    Lazarus Long

  2. stormy
    i just did a kid with a 6 stich (garage door hit the boy while closing)thank god i still have a speed bag ready all the time. any way doc question the person who did this. was told just give him the t shot so we can go. told me i should apply for a job as a PA. told them i have bigger fish to fry and that was basic first aid as far as i knew. i will say it easier to sew some one else up than your self, its the passing out while you work on your self that is a problem. any way leave the beast next door alone to his family he is not a beast.always waiting and watching skullhead

  3. I think you'll appreciate this


  4. Good 'un. I've been sewed up enough times, I could probably to a passable job of closing a wound. It's not OJT, it's school of hard knocks.

  5. As far as I can tell Sir, you can do all that, and a fu*k of a lot more too!

    God Bless,