Thursday, March 22, 2012


23-year-old Mohammad Merah was a French citizen of Algerian descent. He was apprehended in Afghanistan by Afghan security forces and turned over to the French Army - NOT the US Army as has been mistakenly reported. Because of his French citizenship the French Army repatriated him to France; he was not detained by their law enforcement or processed through their judicial system. According to my sources, Merah was amongst those 450+ prisoners in the Taliban mass escape from the prison in Kandahar in April of 2011.

French special tactics police officer at the scene of yesterday's gun battle toting an HK MP7 submachine gun chambered for 4.6x30mm - ammunition includes pointed all-steel bullets with brass jacket; manufacturer claims the 100% penetration of the CRISAT bodyarmor - 1.6mm of Titanium plus 20 layers of Kevlar - at the distance of 200 meters.


  1. I have waited to comment on this topic; trying to get my thoughts in order....
    Why is it that the weenie socialist nations can "BAM"...snuff out a criminal like this without impunity?!?!?!
    Yet, their social policies stink?

    There seems to be a dichotomy, schizophrenic way of thinking here. On one hand "we welcome all of you slobs to our free lunch" and then "momma aint happy wid you".

    Why can't the nanny staters understand the problems they will attract with their free lunch?


  2. The "special" frenchman is toting a HK G36C Assault rifle. It's the compact version of the G36. I had the chance to shoot it. It was alright. The Specs on The MP7 are correct though. Just a slight observation. I'm not sure if you did that intentionally, just looking out for you. I do like this site though. Notice how I said "special?" Yes the French ain't worth a velvet Painting of a Whale and a dolphin gettin it on. That's all I have to say about that.