Thursday, March 1, 2012


I know all of Team STORMBRINGER is wondering where did STORMBRINGER go? Sick as a dog, that's where.

After the third day of burnin' up with fever and shakin' beneath the covers like a dog sh*ttin' peach pits, I dragged my sorry ass down to the sawbones. Turns out it's pnuemonia.

I've been burning the candle at both ends and in the end something had to give. They put me on Cipro x10 days and told me to get some rest. No argument there.

In the meantime here's something one of the TigerCubs has been pestering me to put on STORMBRINGER - a friend of hers with a sweet voice.

Enjoy - I'll be operational in a day or two.


  1. Nasty stuff.
    Take care of yourself and use this as an excuse to get plenty of rest.

  2. Drink lots of water. Cipro will dry you out,especially your stool.Kills lotsa good bacteria also .....

  3. Get well, lots of chicken soup. Love the site.

  4. I too have been sick as a dog. Don't believe it to be anything too serious but it's surly been gettin the best of me. Hang in there brother....jd

  5. Drink plenty of fluids, take 2 tylenol and call me in the morning.....oh wait that was meant for the paying patients.....

    Hey, hang in there after cipro you prob won't know which is worse.....the "runs" from the flu or the "runs" from the med.

    Take some probiotics after you are done with the cipro and eat a bunch of yogurt....get the good bugs going again!


  6. Temperature risin'?
    Juke box blowin' a fuse?
    Bub, you got the rockin' pneumonia.
    Ya need a shot of rhythm & blues.

  7. I tried drinking kerosene - a shotglass full of kerosene, pour in a .45 round's worth of gunpowder - it cures almost everything but strangely enough it didn't have any effect on the pneumonia ...

  8. Yep, yogurt with live culture will take care of the cipro killed gut bacteria. On the upside at least, like the dog, you'll have time to lick your balls and recuperate.

  9. Aint it a bitch when life slaps ya down, and makes you realize you aren't as young or as tough as you think you are? Take care.