Wednesday, March 7, 2012


CW2 Ed Cantrell, veteran of five combat deployments to Afghanistan and one to Iraq, perished trying to save his daughters in a house fire yesterday, 6 March 2012, in Hope Mills, North Carolina, near Fort Bragg.

Ed Cantrell with his two daughters 6-year-old Isabell and 4-year-old Natalia - all perished in the fire.

Honor him.


  1. Yes, honor him, I know I am...My God those precious babies, he had no choice but to go back in. That's what Daddies do, Daddies like Ed.
    The horror of it, I hope it was quick. My heart broke, Sean. I hope the SF family is taking care of the Mother and Grandparents. Such a trajedy...

  2. Godspeed, Brother.

    CW3 W.S. Miller, Retired

  3. Successfully defending your family & trying to save your Home is the perfect / honorable way for a Warrior to go. I hope God takes good care of him & his family - they earned it.

  4. I knew him - not well, but we were in 3d Group during the same time frame. I'm sure wild horses couldn't have held him back.

    I can't imagine what she's going through - the wife - she lost a husband AND her two baby daughters all within the space of an hour, and it happened right in front of her eyes in the most horrific way possible.

    TigerLily was stunned when I told her the news yesterday evening- as bad as any loss we've felt from the war. Simply stunned.

    I even know two guys on the Grays Creek Fire Dept (responded to the fire)- this thing went down right smack dab in the heart of Green Beret territory.

    A sad, sad day.

  5. ' And when he gets to Heaven, to St. Peter he will tell, " Another Marine reporting, Sir, I've served my time in Hell".' Author unknown, Guadalcanal I join all of you in praying the surviving family finds Peace, espeacally his wife...I would'nt wish what she went through on anyone.....