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Korean war vet, 81, fights off knife-wielding carjacker

By Daily Mail Reporter
28 March 2012

A knife-wielding carjacker got more than he bargained for when he attempted to steal an elderly couple's car at a Michigan petrol station and was fought off by a Korean War veteran.

Barney Trusewicz, 81, was inside the service station telling the attendant to turn on the fuel pump when he saw a man covered in tattoos get in his car and sit next to his wife.

Constance Trusewicz, 79, said Christopher Bowens sat in the car next to her and told her to get out because he was going to take it.

Christopher Bowens sat in the car next to Constance Trusewicz and told her to get out because he was going to take it

'And I said, 'What?' Ms Trusewicz said.

'And then I looked and I saw all these tattoos and I thought, oh crap.'

Mr Trusewicz then raced over to the car as fast as he could and reached in and turned off the engine twice as Bowens tried to restart the vehicle.

That's when he noticed a large butcher's knife in Bowens hand which he grabbed onto and refused to let go of, fearing he would stab at him or his wife.

'I was just waiting for him (Barney) to thrust it into his stomach, but it didn't happen,' Ms Trusewicz said.

The pair wrestled briefly until Bowens gave up and fled.

'He said, 'I'm going, I'm getting out of here.' I said, OK. I just didn't want him to come and give me a parting shot,' Mr Trusewicz said.

Police said that Bowens was lucky to escape without being injured.

Bowens was apprehended not far from the petrol station.

Bowens, who was on parole and probation when he committed the alleged crime, has been remanded in Wayne County Jail and faces a possible life sentence for federal and state crimes.

Ironically, police prosecutor Sergeant Joseph Lavis said Bowen had targeted the couple because they were elderly and he thought they would be an easy target.

'He felt that they would offer little or no resistance,' Sergeant Lavis said.


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