Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Not taking anything away from the SEAL’s and Navy, but since when has the lineage of SEAL’s had anything to do with the First Special Service Force?

'We Never Lost a Battle': Devil's Brigade honoured

. . . they lost many many men, they never lost a battle.

But it's how they got their name that is the stuff of legend. The brigade would go on nighttime raids. They would blacken their faces using burnt cork from wine bottles.

Bill Storey of Winnipeg, one of the first to join this special unit, says they captured a diary from a German captain who wrote "the Black Devils are all around us, we never know where they're going to hit or strike next."

"We were pretty damn deadly to be quite frank," says Storey.

The name, the Black Devils, stuck. Their commander, a well respected man called Col. Frederick, came up with the idea of leaving calling cards with the unit's logo -- a red spearhead with the name USA CANADA and in German beside it, the words "the worst is yet to come." It was a form of psychological warfare and it worked. The "Devils" became a feared fighting force and in just two years captured 30,000 prisoners of war.

The 1st Special Service Force 60th reunion in Helena 18 August 2006

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  1. You're looking for historical accuracy from lamestream media? Jeez, didja just some in on the midwatch?
    SEALs trace their heritage to NCDUs and UDTs, both contemporaries of 1SSF
    Boat Guy

  2. Nope, but I have heard of a rhetorical question...are you suffering from nitorgen narcosis? :)
    I'm struggling for someone to articualte the corollary of a unit I studied and was indoctrinated to the quiet professionals, by its founding members.

    So what's the real deal Stormy?

  3. Few people realize that US Army Special Forces has a small force of Combat Divers with similar capabilities to the much more well-publicized US Navy SEALS. I am a member of that community.