Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Continuing on our quest to bust out those who would steal honor not rightly theirs, this came across the email machine the other day - S.L.


I’m looking for some answers. My daughter was involved with a guy who claims Marine Corps service. She now believes he’s a phony. We have found his picture included on a website titled ‘heros or villains’. This site is affiliated with I’ve done some searching to determine the validity of both of these sites but haven’t concluded much.

Can you verify to me that these sites are ‘genuine’ and that I can trust their determinations?

The man’s name is Cody M. Hall. He has evidently claimed service in Iraq and Afghanistan but has never served.

Thanks for any light you can shed.

My Reply

If the attached photo set is your Cody Hall, then I have to say that yes it appears he is a phony.

As far as I know the is legit - in as much as it is cross-referenced with other sites dedicated to busting out phonies, such as
Professional Soldiers , VeriSEAL | The Original SEAL Verification Project etc.

I'd call this guy on being a phony based on the photos alone:

- upper left photo of him in USMC dress blues (reverse image possibly taken in a mirror) - ONLY photo in Marines uniform

- upper right snapshot in JROTC (high school level ROTC) uniform with girlfriend cut out

- lower right US Army uniform (rank = Private First Class) cami'd face - looks like he just spent a day in the woods playing soldier, sitting in the driver's seat of a non-military sedan

- lower left photo (again reverse image looks like self-portrait taken in a mirror with a cellphone camera) US Army uniform with weird rank insignia - possibly cadet rank

What really kills this guy is the pdf clip they included from their inquiry to the US Marine Corps:

"Please note that personnel actions regarding Marines are maintained in their Official Military Personnel File (OMPF). Accordingly, in an effort to assist you, we intiated a search for M. Hall's OMPF. However, despite a diligent search, knowledgeable personnel with the Manpower and Reserve Affairs (M&RA) Department of this Headquarters were unable to verify that Mr. Hall is currently or had formerly served in teh U.S. Marine Corps or the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve."

Your daughter's suspicions appear spot-on, and I recommend she distance herself from this guy sooner than later.

Sean Linnane

Today's Bird


  1. You are awesome SL!
    What a wonderful resource you are.

    We also have this suspicion. This is his facebook.

  3. Knowing this guy i have to say i knew him while he was with a college officers program. He told me he did do jrotc in high school, but the uniforms are different and awards were different. And i know what happened between cody and his ex girlfriend. Needless to say she is not a good person herself. I can't verify anything else for certain. But isn't there laws preventing people from just buying uniforms?

    1. No, you can buy old military anything, pawn shops and thrift stores mostly.

  4. yes this is plausible.I know of this person in which you speak of.and i have had doubt of his identity hence day one.This usually happens to a person that doesn't get accepted into the military.So they lie and lie to themselves an are in a deep self pity stage of denial.this is to the point where they believe there own lies and deceits.if ya where a mask for so long its gonna wear on you.

  5. I've known this man for a while. At first his stories just seamed a little far fetched. Then he kept adding things that he'd done in the last 6 years. According to him he was a marine for 6 years, has 5 degrees from CSUP, was a volunteer fireman, and worked at a cutting ranch in TX. His awards didn't match his stories. He's restated his birth date multiple times, several different dates. And a friend of his that has known him for about 7 years told me he wasn't ever a marine. He only did jrotc in high school. He has been caught lying about many other non-marine topics. So I can guarantee this man is a liar and stealing the identity of a real marine.

  6. This is all slanderous bull shit about an amazing man and marine that I have known most my life. We had the same recruiter if that answers your question