Friday, January 1, 2010


My buddy Uncle Jimbo over at BLACKFIVE has a good post on the Blackwater case dismissal:

This was a political case from the get go, and I firmly believe the only reason these guys faced charges is the we made a deal w/ the Iraqis because they demanded we prosecute before they would sign the security agreement. There were claims that this was a massacre and that there were no shots fired at the convoy. That was always BS and I covered it extensively.

Jimbo includes his exclusive source who confirmed the convoy was fired on - AND he offers supporting accounts from State Department sources, to include Ambassador Crocker.

"Contact! Contact! Contact!"

Jimbo also includes radio logs from the Blackwater incident. Go there and read it, Jimbo did a good job of covering this from the start.

Like I said, this is good news. Like a long tall glass of cold water to a man dying of thirst in the desert; this may be a glimmer of hope that just like the tide turned for us on the battlefield in Iraq, the political tide against us may finally turning, here at home.