Wednesday, January 20, 2010



From Berkeley County, South Carolina . . .

Think before you reach into the water for a golf ball in the South!

Does anybody know any details on this event? A member of Team STORMBRINGER sent these images in, and he doesn't know either . . . S.L.

Meanwhile, there's been a Tigershark sighting:


  1. I was staying at a coastal golf resort just outside of charleston about 2 years ago. As I was going out to the parking lot, I noticed a bunch of people standing around. There was a white shirted security guard staring at the foilage. It didn't hit me till I was right up to him and I stopped cold. "Alligator?" I said in a normal voice. "yea" he said in a whisper.

    There was a 12' alligator that was usually at the golf course staring back from the foilage. Good thing I had hit the head just a few minutes earlier. It had wandered up to the parking lot. A bit later they captured it right outside the main entrance.

    That shook me up. I always try to keep aware of my surroundings but being a damn yankee, I wasn't thinking of the danger from carnivorous reptiles in the parking lot at noon. Some of the staff later told me that particular gator hung out at the golf course.

    Also, my state does not have a reciprocal CCW with South Carolina. It's just as well because I would have probably been carrying my Beretta .22 which would have just ticked the gator off real good before he ripped me up.

    I also thought about how to handle an encounter with one on land. I doubt you can outrun it. I believe you might be able to out-turn it with some luck. Also, had I encountered it in the parking lot, there would have been footprints on the roofs of the beemers, lexuses and jags in the parking lot.

    On a seperate note I was shooting clays at Pinehurst a decade or so ago. I asked about snakes and the staffer said seriously "Ah'd keep 2 rounds handy. it can't hurt"

  2. I too would be interested in knowing if they re-attached the limb, and if so, was it successful?
    I fly an aircraft like the one shown and have carried victims and their iced-down extremities to ER's on several occasions. Successful reattachment is dependent on several factors, including the temperature of the limb, obviously.
    More info anyone?


    Interesting story.

    "These pictures were actually taken a couple of years earlier and were published in conjunction with a September 2007 news story about Bill Hedden, a 59-year-old snorkeler who lost his arm to a 12-foot gator at Lake Moultrie in South Carolina: "

    Like the blogger says, go read the whole thing.

  4. My brother golfs in Florida, and he says there's usually one guy in each foursome carrying a 'Gator Iron' (usually Ruger, S&W or Desert Eagle for the pretentious).

  5. This is why all dangerous animals should be hunted to extinction. You can't even go swimming without getting eaten by a shark or alligator or go hiking without being eaten by bears, mountain lions, coyotes, wolves, etc. It's time to do a nation wide hunt just like in the old days. My area used to be infested with bears, wolves and mountain lions less than a 100 years ago but they were all hunted to extinction. And I'm glad they were.

    1. You sure you area isn't infested with humans?

  6. I do not play golf, considering it "A good walk spoiled" as Mr Clemens was inclined to put it.
    However, one wonders if the ball was still considered "in play"?
    (Still too idle to register anywhere...)

  7. Happy Gilmore, call your office.

  8. @Anonymous #1-

    I've been swimming and haven't been eaten by a shark or alligator. I've also been hiking without being eaten by bears, mountain lions, coytes, wolves, etc.

    Clearly, your statement about dangerous animals is incorrect. Please rethink your conclusion!

  9. A good reason not to play golf. Not that I need a reason not to play golf. I'd rather spend the day shooting. Which has the added advantage of having your self defense with you while you're enjoying your sport.

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