Friday, January 1, 2010


The final chapter of 2009 was written by the enemy:

CIA workers killed by 'Afghan soldier'

". . . worst against US intelligence officials since 1983."

5 Canadians killed in Afghanistan

Five Canadians — four soldiers and a Calgary Herald reporter — were killed in a bomb blast Wednesday in Afghanistan . . . a Canadian civilian was also wounded in the attack at about 4 p.m. local time.

Afghan insurgents seize 2 French journalists-police

KABUL, Dec 31 (Reuters) - Insurgents kidnapped two French journalists, their translator and driver northeast of the Afghan capital, a police official said on Thursday.

The Taliban - henceforth referred to as "the enemy" - are working hard to develop their latent insurgency into a war of movement. They shot their wad earlier on, during the annual Spring Offensive. Reeling back after US and NATO operations covered in STORMBRINGER, the enemy was toast.

This Marine wants to kick Taliban ass!

But in modern warfare, defeat on the battlefield does not necessarily translate into defeat. When the Communist North Vietnamese Army launched the infamous Tet Offensive of 1968 in collusion with their southern allies the People's Liberation Front (i.e. Viet Cong), they suffered over 92,000 killed, 81,000 wounded and 5000 missing versus US and allied (SVN/AUS/NZ/ROK) 9,078 killed, 35,212 wounded, 1,530 missing.

Tet was a disaster for the Communists, and resulted in the total extermination of the Viet Cong as a battlefield formation. And yet their defeat on the battlefield was viewed as a victory over the American efforts, as our own media - the same surrender dogs who would have us cut and run in the Middle East - proclaimed the war was no longer winnable, that "We Are Mired in Stalemate."

Whatever you say, Uncle Walter. I guess you were asleep the day in Journalism School when they put out:

"When both sides are convinced they’re about to lose, they’re both right."

#41. Murphy's Law of Combat

The sad truth of it was we could have won Vietnam. If we'de have dropped the 82d Airborne on Drop Zone Hanoi immediately following Tet '68, the war would have be WON - point, blank and simple. I know, I know; "Victory" - what a concept.

Comparing Afghanistan, or the Global War on Terror in it's entirety, to Vietnam is not a good analogy; and yet, the Cut-and-Run yellow bellies of the Left love to compare every single military engagement the United States has experienced since 1975 to Vietnam. I remember watching CNN's coverage of the air campaign in Afghanistan in October 2001; two weeks into it the word was thrown out there: "are we engaged in a stalemate?"

The Left loves America to lose, they drool at the thought of America losing, because they hate the image of America in her role as the Leader of the Free World.

How come we're never presented with heroic images of American troops in action, kicking ass and taking names?

If we MUST compare the GWOT to Vietnam, let us pose a few questions:

"How many enemy capitals did we take during Vietnam?"

"What was the Communist Viet 9/11 attack on us?"

George W. Bush liberated MILLIONS in the GWOT, in both Afghanistan and Iraq, and yet the leftist mainstream media and their mouthpieces in Congress have done everything and anything to de-legitimize this conflict, to snatch Victory from the jaws of Defeat and hand it over to an insidious, inhuman, barbaric enemy that only wishes to kill EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US in a series of escalating operations that will make 9/11 look like a Sunday School picnic.

The face of our enemies' Satanic leader . . .

. . . and THESE guys worship his ass:

Just like Tet, it's the New Year. The ball is in your court, Mr. Obama, the decision is yours. Engage the enemy, consolidate our earlier victories, crush their ability to prevail on the battlefield and extinguish their will to win; or, embrace fear and despair, cut and run in the face of enemy opposition in a pitiful demonstration of hand wringing mea culpa's.

The enemy has upped the ante - what are you gonna do, Barry? Meet their bid and raise them? Or fold?

"Uh . . . that's it . . . I'm just gonna . . . uh . . . hold with what I got . . ."

You're the President of the United States, the decision is yours to make. We're all waiting . . .