Friday, January 8, 2010


This SR-71 model was built by German engineer remote-control enthusiasts and it’s one nifty toy! If it weren’t for its wheels being in place you’d think it was the real thing! And it even sounds REAL!

That looks just like Habu circling the runway at Kadena, burning off the extra fuel before it came in for a landing. It's too early in the morning for me to see right - it looks like he even has the Habu on the tail. He's gotta figure out some way to make those wheels go up - S.L.



  1. Man, I look at that thing and think 'jet powered' weapons system. You could even guide it using a iPhone and put a camera in it, so you can hit exactly what you are aiming. The payload on that thing must be a couple of pounds at least.

  2. That thing's just gorgeous. The Blackbird is one of my all-time favorite planes.

  3. A family member by marriage was involved in the development of the SR-71 at Lockheed. Several years ago, while we were playing a round of golf, he told me in depth about the maiden flight. He was given the honor of giving the final salute and wave-off to the pilot as he rolled to take off. His emotions over the event decades later were still fresh and moving. The SR-71 was amazing engineering and technology for the time. The plane is so loose-fitting on the ground that it leaks fuel like a sieve; it was only after it reached altitude that the plane's structure heated, expanded, and sealed. There are about 20 of them still operational.

  4. He's prepared to wade in after it if it ends up in the drink!

  5. The SR-71 Blackbird is the world’s fastest turbofan jet. It's a spy plane that outran over 4000 missles without a scratch and is a world speed record holder of transcontinental and transatlantic flights that stand to this day. It's an exotic and rare aircraft that contributed in large part to the ending of the cold war. this jet is my favorite too.
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