Thursday, January 28, 2010

The U.N: Corrupt. Incompetent. Unnecessary.

Aid Piling Up at UN's 'Cold Beer' Compound as Red Tape Keeps Aid From Desperate Haitians - While UN Staff Have Wi-Fi and a Bar

- from the U.K. Mail:

It is a tale of two cities. One has ice-cold beers, internet access, thousands of men and billions of dollars’ worth of gleaming machinery, together with piles of food, blankets, generators and other aid relief from around the globe.
This is the heavily fortified US-controlled Port-au-Prince airport and neighbouring United Nations compound.

The other is the devastated city of Port-au-Prince, where the stench of death fills the air and starving people are in utter despair, still in need of the basic necessities of food, water, shelter and medical care...'


STORMBRINGER has a new friend . . . Crusader Rabbit - from whom I got the above story . . . I will position Rabbit's 'license plate' in the rack to the right, as soon as I figure out how without bothering Theo . . .

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