Friday, January 15, 2010


The BlogoSphere is infested with Trolls, apparently . . .

I've got a certain effect on the evil creatures; I ATTRACT them!

I ESPECIALLY attract trolls over at FrumForum. David Frum is a personal friend of mine. I don't always see eye-to-eye with David on his politics, but Dave is a genuinely nice guy; the nicest guy I know, in fact, and one of the smartest guys on the planet. David and I share an interest in the Classic world of Ancient Greece and Rome. From David I learned to understand that bit where politicians speak about colleagues on the other side of the aisle, where the most bitter of contestants will say: "I don't agree with him, but I love him as a brother, he is a good friend."

Because I call it the way I see it and I shoot from the hip, sometimes I'm too rude and crude for David's style; but Dave's fascinated by my series on the modern phenomenon of the private security contractors, and he graciously allows me to post on his site:

The Right Call on Blackwater

Don't Call Them Mercenaries

No Army Marches Into Battle Alone

The DOJ's War on Blackwater

Seems like anything remotely linked to professional soldiering REALLY gets the trolls riled up, including this last one, which is more about humanitarian operations than private armies:

On the Front Lines of Haiti's Recovery

In Comments, the troll known as "teabag" writes:

"Do we really have to endure this idiot contributor. He has posted racist language in comments previously, runs a website where racist jokes abound and comes here and insults the people posting worthwhile reasoned comments to his article. Please reconsider asking this idiot to write here again. He has nothing to offer that is worth anything."

For the Life of me I don't know what he is talking about?

I hate to think I'm a racist . . . in any case it's a label no one can defend themselves against . . . no one under the sun, let alone little ol me . . . this despite the fact I'm in a bi-racial marriage.

OK now here's the CHALLENGE -
GO through the pages of Blog STORMBRINGER . . . thoroughly INVESTIGATE what is written herein . . . FIND ANYTHING resembling a racist joke . . . anything racist at all?


And a worthy prize will go to the Reader who uncovers the offending verbiage!

Fighting Trolls falls under the 'Fighting Evil' clause of the Mission Statement of Blog STORMBRINGER:


OK we'll let this one live . . .



  1. I have read your blog for quite some time and have never read anything remotely racist in it. Living in Mississippi, I am certain that I would recognize racism. Your work is accurate and enlightening. Thanks for what you do. When they have nothing to say, they pull the dogeared, wrinkled, ratty race card and toss it out.
    Fork the troll.

  2. Mr Mayor beat me to it. And I echo his thanks to you.

  3. The following may be it:

    Yes. It's lame. But what did you expect?

  4. Not even the lameass lib trolls are that lame ass.
    Or are they?

  5. Don't you remember the rules for racism?
    If you are any of the following you area racist:
    1) Current or former military
    2) republican
    3) libertarian
    4) christian
    5) conservative
    6) disagreed with anything a liberal has ever said.

    Time to break out the napalm on the trolls.

  6. Occam's razor:
    If commenter teabag had evidence of your racism he would have offered it. Teabag made his racist smear up because A) he's a hater, B) he's a liar, C) he's a coward, and D) he's a fool.

  7. I like getting on Huffington and posting 'racist' every time a liberal makes a personal attack on what a conservative says. So far - no one has responded on it. Guess they know how stupid that label sounds anymore.

  8. A mob of any color doesn't care how progressive you are. In the future, a mob might just judge you appropriately as a racist, classist, sexist, elitist, and if you are really tall- a heightist (been called that, no joke) according to how vociferously progressive you, in fact, are.

    1. why you leave the Irish troll alive! he is the dangerous one!