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Obama's Evolution as Commander-in-Chief

Never a soldier himself, but suddenly their commander-in-chief, President Barack Obama wanted to learn the job from the ground up. Including the salute.

"That attention to detail, that focus on the outward manifestation of what we expect, is compelling," said retired Gen. Paul Eaton, who advised Obama during the presidential campaign. "Whoever worked with him on that did a pretty good job."



The second I looked at those photos of The One saluting flag-draped coffins planeside at Dover, I could tell he'd been coached.

This is why I called him on his ghoulish photo stunt. He may be able to whip out a snappy salute, but any shred of class he might have had left him that day . . .


Under the guidance of an expert, aides say Obama privately repeated his salute over and over again until he got it down. In a testament to how sensitive the White House is about the commander in chief practicing this basic military gesture, aides would not say who taught Obama how to salute. But every time he uses it, Obama is trying to convey an insider’s respect for the armed forces without saying a word.

This has GOT to be some kind of Rahm Emmanuel-generated press release, something to make the Big Guy look good after the worst week of his Presidency . . .

White House Nightmare Persists

Dow Suffers Worst Week Since Last March

I love this Drudge headline best of all, borrowed straight from Legendary Bluesman B.B. King:


The Winter Blues just set in . . .

We don't do politics here at Blog STORMBRINGER - "Not my bag, baby" - but when it intersects with soldiering and international security, I won't hesitate lay it on thick and heavy . . . so enjoy it while it lasts . . . your comments - pro or con - are welcome below . . . . . . . S.L.



  1. I suspect that he, like most liberals and/or progressives, has no respect for the military whatsoever. Neither Carter nor Clinton had a clue what to do with them, yet at least Carter fancied himself a great commander (debacle in the sand & botched Iranian rescue attempt, anyone?).

    It makes me sick to my stomach to see one of these trying to 'fit in' with good American troops.

    U.S. Navy ('73-'77)

  2. the man is a dufus, but I do give him a bit of credit for learning to give a proper salute.
    At least someone got him to think doing it right was worth while.
    But lots of worthless soldiers througout time have learned to give a correct salute, now we have a worthless President who also gives one.

    and he's still a dufus though.

  3. An interesting situation you have there in the States. Here in Australia, our Governor General is the CinC and if our repulsive little dweeb of a Prime Minister tried a salute in front of a group of Diggers, they'd probably beat him to a pulp. But over there, Obama is the Commander in Chief so I guess the options are that he salutes properly or doesn't do it at all and sticks to the hand over the heart.

  4. As the CINC who doesn't have a clue he may not hurt much, other than being embarrassing. He did sign the DOD funding bill.
    The troops know he is a jerk, the people are waking up that he is a jerk. And it seems his own party is waking up.
    Four and out.

  5. Democrats and Liberals spent years making fun of Bush and calling him names. So let's not get into calling Obama names- that's just childish.

    Yes, he comes of as aloof, but atleast he learned how to properly salute and show respect. And he's pursuing some policies that are really pissing of the Left. If Obama did the RIGHT THING- no pun intended- would conservatives give him credit? The constant negativity of the conservative blogosphere is both un-helpful and un-attractive.

  6. @Daniel P - He is NOT showing respect. He flew to Dover for a photo op. He trained... for a photo op. NOT to show respect.

    When he does something good, I'll be sure to give him credit, but I am still waiting.

  7. Sean, retired puddle pirate here - first off, thanks from el corazon for what you do here for all Vets. Though I wasn't an operator as you, I'm humbled and honored to know that we have the shared bond of having served our beloved country.

    Second, regarding the usurper in the white house, I must confess that I have never, ever, understood how anyone could be possibly swayed by him. Yes, I have heard the mellifluous voice, the slightly upturned chin accompanying the baritone delivery... and immediately have always - always! - felt my guard up, as if I was in a Danger Close situation.

    And I have prayed that We the People would wake from our stupor. For as much as I dislike obama, he is but a man, albeit a man in a dangerous position with authorities and powers granted to him that can make him very dangerous to freedom both here and throughout the world. More importantly, I feared for the fact that so many millions of Americans saw fit to vote this fool into office. My prayer was that enough of these fellow citizens would realize their error in time to start damage control.

    A million words have been written about this man's debasement of our Constitutional values and attempted destruction of the foundations of American prosperity. I can add nothing new, or better phrased, than the Krauthammers, Hansons & Sowells of the Republic so capably give us.

    I can say this, though - my prayers are being answered. Earlier it was Virginia, then New Jersey. Last week it was Massachussetts.

    Massachussetts, Sean! The Peoples Republic of Massachussetts last week elected a REPUBLICAN Senator!!! And the most wonderous thing of this magnum shift, the chosen1 blames it on Bush!!!

    So now, more of America sees this man whom the majority of us voted for President, elected to lead us, look at his teleprompters and tell us that America is still so pissed off at the previous Republican President, that in a horrible lashing out at the evil Bush, the bluest of blue states just elected a Republican Senator for the first time in something like 35 years.

    As Steyn so capably puts it, it's difficult to decide whether the one is either stupid enough to believe what he just said, or thinks we're stupid enough to believe it.

    If that is the case, Sean, then I hope obambi for once is right, and America keeps on venting it's anger in the same way Mass just did... all the way through the midterms, 2012, and beyond!

    Then, my only prayer will be that we get true conservatives into office, and return to the core values that made America the greatest nation and hope of freedom on earth.

    God Bless & Keep you, Sean. Sic Semper Tyrannis!!!

    Juan R.

  8. There was a time durng the Clinton years when he was bragging about reducing the number of federal employees. Acting the part of a fiscal conservative he threw out huge numbers of reductions. Later it turned out that most of those people we members of the Armed Services. To him, they were just "employees".
    That doesn't say anything about Obama, but it sure puts the liberal perspective on the military into focus.

  9. One of Obama's first actions as POTUS was to try and make our WOUNDED WARRIORS have to secure and pay for their own health insurance.
    Enough said.

  10. Nice post. Everything this Administration does is calculated for political and PR benefit. You just know that behind that salute this President is thinking about what a sucker the dead soldier was for falling for that "duty" BS. Barack Obama, every inch a phony.

    I do want to claim credit for beating Drudge, though.

    The Thrill Is Gone

  11. Carter was admitted to the US Naval Academy in 1943 and graduated towards the top of his class. He served on surface ships and diesel electric boats underneath until October of 1953.

    Lt. and Later CINC Jimmy Carter wanted to be a career USN officer and aspired to eventually become a flag officer, particularly CNO. He left USN to take over the family farm when his father died. He picked nuke subs because nuclear powered ships looked to have the best chances of a long and prosperous career in the future.

    His aspirations to power may have led him to the presidency and he may have been a indifferent, though by far not the worst, CINC, but to say he wasn't a military man would be historically inaccurate whether you like his politics or not.

    The General officer in my family now works for a humanitarian organization , but he's very much Army. He was a Pointer and Ranger with many other qualifications before he was what he has been since retirement. Even served in combat. He wouldn't like it if somebody suggested he wasn't Retired US Army.

    Don't know how Carter takes constantly being referenced as ignorant of military affairs. I'd hit people if I was him and being insulted all the time but he's a pacifist these days, so I guess that's why he doesn't verbally swing back. Dunno. Carter wasn't a great military leader but he wasn't uneducated about military affairs. Hell, he graduated 59th in his class as Anne's Apple Less.

  12. tom:
    Don't know how Carter takes constantly being referenced as ignorant of military affairs.
    Maybe it is because he was and is so wrong so often on those affairs? Or if he is knowledgeable, then he chooses the wrong answers on purpose? Maybe. He seems to have decided that once he was out, to hell with the lot.

    Carter does have a new advantage, he is no longer the worst president in history and for certain no longer the worst still alive.

  13. I'm gonna have to go with "dunno" still. :-)

    Don't agree with him but he sure puts up with being a laughingstock better than Clinton did.

  14. Carter was an officer in the Navy for fuck's sake. And was on the fast track to Admiral, at that. You bunch of morons.

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