Wednesday, January 27, 2010



Police Find Weapons After N.J. Arrest

Lloyd Woodson was apprehended after a convenience store clerk thought something was wrong with him (bulges under coat) and called the police.

Police found Woodson wearing a bullet proof vest; in his nearby motel room they found assault rifles, hundreds of rounds of .50 cal and .308 ammunition - fifty cal, people - a grenade launcher, night scope, map of a nearby military base, and a "Middle Eastern red and white colored traditional headdress" (keffya). The FBI are investigating a potential terrorism link.

Yesterday I stated: "You can't conduct a war like a law enforcement operation."

Scott Brown's pollsters said it was his criticism of the Christmas Underwear Bomber being given Miranda rights that gave Brown the surge that put him over the top.

It isn't just health care; the people get it.



  1. I've heard his .50 was an AR platform . . . that'd be .50 Beowolf, and the "grenade Launcher has no grenades as it is a flare launcher made to look like a real one.
    The reporting is whacked, but that said, time for the waterboarding, and then maybe a nice round of smash the major joints, followed by a stay in an all white room with no windows, and a small cubby for the slimest amount of food. . . but that's just me being me.

  2. The reporting is completely whacked: "...the same round used in many anti-tank rifles."

    Oh yeah, people take out tanks with .50 cals all the time.

  3. This reinforces my opinion....this is a WAR people NOT a law enforcement problem.
    Just because the enemy isn't using typical war tactics DOESN'T mean it isn't a war.
    Seesh, maybe I just answered my own questions....
    our gubernment doesn't really view this war as a war...their viewing this as a "can't we all jus' git 'long" moment.
    Damn, once again I'm seeing the fruits of the '60's rearing their ugly heads.
    Time to go to the range and rotate my stock of 30-06 ammo.

  4. As a brief point of info only, there is an Armalite AR-50 which is a full on, bolt action single fire genuine .50BMG, sells for about $3000 before any upgrades/options. Pretty sweet gun, been daydreaming about one for a while myself.... Not sure about exactly what he was found with, but this might actually be full on .50BMG. Of course I place no value in anything reported in MSM, so who really knows?

    BTW, if they are assuming 50BMG, that cartridge was developed after WWI as an anti-tank cartridge, and would have worked pretty well on any tanks of that era.... So they are not totally wrong about the 'anti-tank' capabilities of the cartridge.... they are just about 90 years behind the times, which would be typical for MSM....

  5. 12 gauge shotgun slugs are nominally .735 unless you load sabots. I've got a .577 Snider Enfield that's a fearsome war weapon that saw service in Africa more than once and has the stamps and scars to prove it. Accurate enough for volley fire, ALMOST. Media people are stupid about numbers, just like the tax accountants in Fed Firearms enforcement at the BATFE (there are a few that work for them that aren't clowns, but rare, when it comes to firearms knowledge), for that matter. .50BMG is only one, of many many, nominally .500" rounds on the playground. I know where there's an AR-50 for sale iffin somebody wanted one but it comes with optics and you couldn't touch the optics/mountings hardly for 3K.

  6. FWIW--Pet Peeve: Owning a Barrett or AR-50 or the like doesn't make a person magically capable of even 100 yard shots. Hardware is only a small part of the equation and most rifles are more accurate than their owners have any capability of being, especially away from a known shooting range with no the whole "sniper rifle scare" is mostly whorseshit.

    Anybody who practices enough to be a capable sniper is probably a known entity in the shooting community, not a loose cannon unless they are a really rich loose cannon with a private range.

  7. (In my opinion)The last comment, "Anybody who practices enough to be a capable sniper is probably a known entity in the shooting community, not a loose cannon unless they are a really rich loose cannon with a private range." isn't accurate at all. There are thousands of people in the USA who can shoot the balls off a gnat at 100 yards and without any military training or even much formal instruction. I grew up in the Pennsylvania woodlands and spent a good part of my youth,(age 5 to 17), shooting 100s of thousands of rounds of various ammunition, mostly .22 rimfire, target shooting, trick shooting and hunting. I was on a rifle team when I was 6 and earned marksman, expert marksmen, sharpshooter and distinguished expert by age 11. (I intended to make a living in the shooting arts, but when my family moved to a liberal area I had to give that up.) Many of my friends all spent a bit of time shooting, too. Maybe not as much as I did, but......
    Unfortunately, my eyes not being what they used to be, I am no longer one of them.

    I suspect what I am about to state in the next sentence might seem sycophantic, contrived and insincere, but it's not. I really enjoyed reading though the articles on your website. Keep up the great work.

  8. AS I am not a racist.. has anyone noticed?

  9. Shooting 1000 yards and 100 yards is a bit different. Go work out with a BMG or Anzio and get back to me about MOA groups using a machine rest, even. Heck, make it 600 yards to make it "easy". Most rifles shoot better than most people and high end sniper rifles shoot better than all people. It's a fact, sorry, but it is.

  10. There's nothing wrong in itself with owning weapons chambered in .50 caliber. It's been popular with Desert Easgle enthusiasts and long range rifle entusiasts for several years. And in the last couple years it's gained a lot of popularity in the AR-15 platform for home defense and just for the cool factor. My friend owns that same gun that was found in his apartment. He isn't a pyscopath, a terrorist or a threat to society. He just shoots it at the range for fun and uses it as his primary home defense gun dut to its obvious stopping power. I also really don't have a problem with him wearing body armor either. Sure it's paranoid to do so but again that in itself shouldn't be grounds to arrest someone or to suspect that they're planning to go on some kind of shooting spree. Hell, if there wasn't so much stigma surrounding it I'd probably consider wearing thin form fitting body armor only strong enough to stop pistol rounds. I sure wish my best friend was when he was randomly shot 5 times in the back and killed by illegal alien gang members 2 years ago simply because he was white and girlfriend was hispanic. The only thing I have a problem with this guy is his grenade launcher, his military base blue prints and his religion frankly - as bigoted as that sounds (so sue me).