Sunday, January 10, 2010


This . . . THING . . . is Helen Thomas, darling of the Leftist media.

The entire media - to include the Internet - is infested with trolls. Helen is their Queen.

Trolls dwell under bridges. As you would expect of someone who chooses to live under a bridge, trolls are not known for deep intellectual smarts. As a picture is worth a thousand words, the vid clip below illustrates this better than mere words could possible explain:


They want to kill us - EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US (including YOUR worthless ass) - because they are INSANE.

Not good enough?

OK - they want to kill us, because it empowers them to stir up all the Muslims
against all the Christians and Jews.

Now do you get it?

Now get back under your bridge, Troll. You know, that place you've been dwelling for the past couple of decades, obviously . . .



  1. al-Quaida has corrupted islam?!!?!? let me get this straight....regular down to earth middle of the road islam tells the faithful to kill behead the offer islam to the unwashed and then kill them if they refuse

    Seems to me that parsing the sentence the liberal still get a lunatic fringe cult that is intent on mass murder and destruction!

    When are we going to STOP calling this cult a religion and start calling it a rouge governmental force that needs to be stopped just like the nazis or the commies?


  2. Have you no sense of decency? Putting a picture of that that that...whatever the hell she is in your post? My poor son is hiding under his bed cradling his Mosin 91/30 mumbling trollszombiesneedmorebullets!!!

  3. The "religion of peace" subjugates women, allows for child molestation (Google "thighing")as well as sex with animals. Time to bomb Mecca.