Saturday, January 30, 2010


I love the American Revolution; the only successful revolution in the history of the world. Of the many amazing aspects of the American Revolution is the fact that it was not contained to a time and place in the late eighteenth century, but that it has continued throughout our nation's history - from the War of 1812 (the second American Revolution), through the convoluted legislative struggles that led to the War Between the States (known in the South as the War of Northern Aggression), through to the California Taxpayers Revolt of the Seventies that led in turn to the incredible Reagan Revolution of the eighties.

I have often stated on this blog that generally, I avoid politics; on account that it generates Dark Energy within me. But now we are witnessing a remarkable phenomena. What is playing out before us deserves comment.

The American Revolution continues to this day. Perhaps you didn't see it, perhaps you were not aware that it is playing out right now, before our very eyes. Bear witness:

The powers-that-be and their willing minions in the press may be dismissive of what took place this month in Massachusetts; of course they are - this a sign of desperation, a measure of defense against a remarkable groundswell, a popular uprising against the status quo. All of it; the tea parties, the populist sentiment prevailing time after time in Virginia, in New Jersey and now in Massachusetts - remarkably all scenes of significant events in the FIRST American Revolution - the rise of populist, charismatic leaders like Palin the MooseSlayer, and now truck-driving Scott Brown - represent a political vector that is impossible to ignore.

"Take Due Notice Thereof, and Conduct Yourself Accordingly."



  1. Interesting ending.

    And very fitting

  2. Hmmmm. Probably. But, two points. A lot of people have a lot more 'stuff' then theused to have and are a bit worried about risking it in battling bureucraticism and latently totalitarian government. And a lot of people just don't 'get' freedom. Why should they? They've got MacDonalds and Big Brother (UK reality TV show) and that's all that matters. Plus they get a lot of money from the 'government' that means they're not really easy to motivate into civil disobedience.

    Anyway, that's what I think. Let's hope I'm wrong.

  3. I see the collectivists have staged a coup, and we the people are just beginning to resist their coup. The Soviet Union always had elections too. So we celebrate 59-41 in the senate - But the coup retains all the power of kleptocracy and organized thuggery; the courts, the congress, the senate, the executive. We are happy to have slowed the rate of loss. But the condition remains that we are still completely losing.

    We are in the early stages of this; just remembering that we are supposed to stand up for ourselves.

    The coalition of the kleptocrats and the dependency class will not give up their way of life easily, knowing that the rest of us exist to provide the products of our labor unto them, to house and to feed them.

    The people of Honduras stood up.
    The people of Argentina stood by.
    We let the coup take place and let it roll over us.
    Review the hundreds of criminal and treasonous events of the last year, and our non-response to them.
    We'll see if we ever become more than endentured servants to our new collectivist masters.
    We'll see if we can ever restore the Republic.
    But we are FAR from that today.

    The current condition remains that we are still losing; just losing less rapidly, for the moment.

  4. Losing is not an option.
    This will be won.
    Make no mistake.

  5. What most folk misunderstand about such things is that it does not require a majority of the population to decide the liberty tree is due some watering.

    A solid and fully committed 10% is all that's really required.

    Even during our first Revolution, the greater majority of the citizenry were fence sitters.

  6. Good point, but I hope to God what we are going through does NOT require bloodshed; I have witnessed civil war in Ireland and in the former Yugoslavia. What we have going in this country is too precious, too good a thing. We do not want this here; this would only serve to empower our enemies, foreign & domestic. I prefer the kind of revolution we experienced in the late 70's and early 80's, that left our enemies face down in the mud and defeated and our country on a wave of prosperity that continued for 25 years.

  7. I share those same sentiments but I fear the descent towards totalatrianism is only slowed. Never stopped and most surely never reversed. The election of the "others" makes little difference.

    I've only a decade or two left. I prepare and hope for the best, free-est future for my children and grandchildren.

    Those quiet revolutions only last until that sweet lullaby of easy livin and personal preoccupation softly begins in the background and leads us carefully down to hell.

  8. Storm:

    It didn't leave em face down. It caused them to pull back an entrench into our education system, our media, and a significant portion of our political system.

    I agree with the hope for no bloodshed. I truly do.

    But, if looked at realistically, this degeneracy that we've inhereted from the "great thinkers" of Europe over the last century works like stormwaves on a pier. It hits, receeds and hits again, and again, and again.

    Just look at the steady gains by those wishing to remake us into Europes image since POTUS Wilson.

    The scary part is, for the thing to kick off and go hot, all that's needed is a motivated 3% or so. The First Adopters. The other 7% joins up after the seal is broke.

  9. "You can't kill the beast while sucking at its teat"

    - Claire Wolfe


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