Thursday, January 7, 2010


Our good buddy DoubleTapper presented this coolness yesterday on Theo's excellent site Last of the Few:

This is what Team STORMBRINGER came up with:

The source calls it "Glock Home Protection" but to my mind a 12-gauge pump shotgun fills that requirement. I consider this option more applicable to the realm of executive protection.


  1. Local SOT had a select GLOCK for a while in 2009 in 9mm until he got bored with it and sold it. Was marginally controllable with standardish FMJ loadings. Pretty good ticket from target shooter to AA gunner without significant effort not to become one with +P or warmer, which aren't that great of an idea in GLOCKS anyway because of the unsupported case heads plus it ramps up the cyclic. SOT made the same decision I would have made: when given the op to trade a select GLOCK into a minty Emma Fourteen, he chose Emma. Seven people working at the store at the time thought the same thing: "That was interesting but it's not particularly useful. Been there done that. Don't want it for my own." Owner is a SERIOUS Class III/Title II collector and he didn't have any inclination to keep it around. Says something. He owns things like G.E. miniguns back to original early Broomhandles, Thompsons, and such so it's not like he couldn't afford to keep it.

  2. Well Y-E-A-H . . . Glock for an M-14, that's a no-brainer. Glock is a tool; a good one, but a tool nothing more. Mine's a throwaway that's how much I think of Glock, but my M-14 is My Rifle - there are many like it, but this one is Mine . . .

    . . . SEAN LINNANE

  3. Yeah, I'm just not convinced of the utility of a select GLOCK at all as I'd never flick it to FA cos of the AA gunner issue. If one could miniaturize a three round burst or double and semi mechanism, with no FA, it could have more usefullness but then it would add a lot of complexity and be hard to do it in that form factor and make it particularly robust plus it could use a stock to go with the foreward grip...and now you have a subgun again..."C" just bought one to play with it and quickly came to the realization that there were a lot more fun ways to more accurately waste 9mm really fast for his machine gun dollars. He wanted to like it, he just didn't and nobody else much did but the GLOCK collector, just because it was weird, more than because it was selectable-weird.

    Truthfully, the only thing GLOCK makes that I own one of is their field knife, which is a good utilitarian tool for it's price point and semi-throwaway their guns, and equally plast-icky. GLOCK is to Les Baer as GLOCK is to Randall Knife, perhaps?

    My M-14 is the one with the M-76 right now, for extended range lawn dart gaming with "practice darts." Somebody should start a dart league. It's a pretty fun game and it just costs blanks and the occasional fin damaged.

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