Thursday, April 1, 2010


Obama Clears Way for Oil drilling off US Coasts

"Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes" - I fear Greeks even those bearing gifts - Virgil

The Trojan Horse was a tale from the Trojan War; it was the stratagem that allowed the Greeks finally to enter the city of Troy and end the conflict. After the 10-year siege of Troy the Greeks built a huge figure of a horse inside which a select force of 30 men hid. The Greeks pretended to sail away, and the Trojans pulled the Horse into their city as a victory trophy.

King Priam's daughter Cassandra, the soothsayer of Troy, insisted that the horse would be the downfall of the city and its royal family but she was ignored.

That night the Greek force crept out of the Horse and opened the gates for the rest of the Greek army, which had sailed back under cover of night. The Greek army entered and destroyed the city of Troy, decisively ending the war.

Obama has proposed opening a vast stretch of the Atlantic coast, from the northern tip of Delaware to mid-Florida, to offshore drilling. Instinctively we ask; "What's the catch?"

This is more than simply another one of his campaign promises he's failed to live up to (end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan by withdrawing US troops, closing of Guantanamo, trying the Guantanamo inmates in the United States). This is a total reversal of a long held position of the Democratic Party; this one wasn't even on the radar screen.

Drill for oil in domestic waters? Great - WE LOVE IT - but WHATs THE CATCH?

Rest assured, this is a carefully calculated move. Ever since last weeks controversial passage of the Democratic healthcare bill, the Obama Administration has been involved in trying to sell the bill - which is unusual seeing has the thing has already passed.

Of course they realize the overwhelming opposition to the bill - perhaps tossing this issue out there will A) detract attention from their disastrous legislation that will increase not only healthcare costs but also inflation and unemployment, B) hopefully provide some jobs to make up for the unemployment the government healthcare bill practically guarantees and C) give Obama something to hold out in the upcoming November elections, to re-invent himself as a moderate, midde of the road Democrat, a la Bill Clinton.

It won't work - Obama's decision keeps the vast majority of America's offshore energy resources off limits . . . and besides; the mask is off - even his adoring fans now see him for what he is.

Barack Hussein Obama - NOT a Happy Man



  1. You neglected to mention D) Obama needs bait to dangle in front of undecided Senators in order to pass Cap and Trade. Everyone knows no amount of posing will get any drilling accomplished.

  2. You're quite right, Eric, I DID forget! That was the point I was driving at, but last night as I worked on this post the phone kept on ringing off the bloody hook and I lost my train of thought.

    Thanks for pointing that out -


  3. My angle on this is that POTUS needs to send money to environmental groups and universities.
    So, why not open drilling grounds, make energy companies foot the bill for environmental impact studies (which will cost millions and take years), have environmental advocates take the energy companies to court (which will cost millions and take years), so finally well after Obama is out of office (even a doubtful second term) the POTUS at that time can decide whether to leave the leases open or cancel them like Obama just did.
    And today he is announcing that he is setting the fuel standards for new cars a 35mpg.
    So the story about opening the coasts for drilling is perfect cover.
    1. No drilling will start for years (no new jobs or impact on dependence for oil for many years)
    2. Money begins to flow to environmental groups.
    3. Immediate psychological impact on the masses
    4. a shield to use against claims that he is "too liberal"; he can stand back and say "hey, I allowed more drilling!"

    I will have to lay this out better on my site.
    Sean, thanks for calling a spade a spade.

  4. He also needs to string along the US economy a bit more than he probably expected. He's growing the deficit/debt so fast that it will implode before he gets a chance to be reelected to another term.

    Public opinion is so tilted against him right now that he wouldn't be able to pull off an "emergency suspension of elections" even if the economy craters. But he might have solidified his hold on power better by the second term.

  5. Yeah, and to think that the dems said Bush was going to use the emergency-no election measure.
    W. didn't have a grand plan that was at stake, well nothing like Obama.
    It is interesting to note that dems threatened lawsuits to force an election and the Constitutionalists promise a revolution.
    On that note; I would love to see a bunch of bloggers IDEPENDENT of each other blog about what they feel WOULD warrent a revolution, both non-violent and violent.
    I know Sean has commented on the subject, but only in the negative; why their is not cause for a revolution.

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