Monday, April 19, 2010


A disturbing post about Michael Yon, from a reliable source: Uncle Jimbo at BLACKFIVE.

In August of last year I wrote this of Michael Yon. He is a fellow Green Beret, and he brings honor to the Regiment. I stand by what I wrote then; I don't know what to make of the current scenario.

Read Mike's words here and judge for yourself.

- Sean Linnane



  1. IDK what to think here. Have the greatest of respect for Mike, and very much look forward to his dispatches.

    However, if he's taking action actions that put himself, other troops, or the mission at risk, then what can our forces do but to pull his ticket?

    I'll be watching with interest as the story unfolds.

  2. Sean,
    McChrystal very well may not be the best guy for the job. That said though, it seems there is little to show for an argument for McChrystal's incompetence, which would appear to be Yon's argument. Others YES, but McChrystal?
    What I've noticed though is Washington's influence, even to the extent that Obama is re-writing the already "short of reality" ROE with help from civil liberty attorneys, and identifying for our enemies a pull-out date of US forces, as well as other known restrictions and "who knows what", is quite assuredly tying McChrystal's hands regarding tactical decisions. The fact that SF missions targeting high priority scumbags now require McChrystal's personal approval I think has more to do with Washington's LBJ style influence, than Afgan civilian lives or sound tactical necessity. I'd like to see Yon's evidence before casting too much dispersion since there is always two sides (or more) to every story.
    I'd also remind folks that if Washington is as much a problem as I think it is, McChrystal is left with only two options. Fall on his sword and tell Washington to kiss his ass, or do the best he can for the soldiers, while killing as many enemy as possible, regardless of obstacles and political hacks dictating from his (our) extreme left.
    Yon may have a valid reason to feel as he does but, it's not obvious to everybody else yet and therefore, perhaps misplaced. Let's not through the baby out with the bath water just yet..jd

  3. anon 10:39
    The ROE issue is a problem I have also heard from military about. Who is to protect our children?

  4. Give McChrystal's comments regarding contractors, perhaps there is something going on that we do not see here?