Wednesday, April 14, 2010


You Stupid Idiot! You cheated on Sandra Bullock?

How in the world can you be so stupid? You are married to one of the most beautiful women in the world.

She has a body to die for and her current wealth shadowed only by Oprah.

Your wife recently beat out Julia Roberts in the polls and is now named "America's Sweetheart."

She just won an Oscar and praised you up and down in front of the world while you were porkin’ away.

You are really a piece of work! You are the most hated scumbag cheater on the planet!

How can you live with yourself?

I only have one thing to say to the despicable, miserable, cheating piece of crap that you are:

Thanks for taking the heat off of ME! Let’s do lunch.

~ Tiger


  1. I don't care WHO y'are, that's funny right there.

  2. Love it, love it, love it! Great way to start the day. Thanks for the laugh.

  3. wtf for some reason all the famous people are not good role models anymore. we never saw that coming, and mr manly man Segal with the sex what ever they are some say hooker some say ex asst. what next if i had that kind of money i would be friends with the Heff and permently single. ; Skullhead

  4. Sad that we as a culture pay attention to the media and watch these overpaid celebs in awe. We waste our time watching reality tv like the idiot Kardashians instead of living our own lives. Lets wake up, unplug ourselves from the matrix and begin to truly evaluate what is important in our lives. Things like family, staying together instead of braking apart, our children and their safety, security, education and helping them to become wonderful and mature adults and our parents and grandparents who still have a lot to teach us that unless asked we will never learn or understand. Let's get back to basics and return to what matters the most.

  5. Lesson be learned girls - even if you are Sandra Bullock - you have to put out to keep a man around.

  6. She used to live around Austin downhill from me. I know a lady that knew her socially and said she was annoying and had revolting politics. He could have had a reason. I knew Bob Schneider, her boyfriend at the time, and I found him insufferable. What do I know? I'm not much for hollyweird types. He was playing bars like the Saxon Pub at the time, which are very much drinker and partier bars and he thought people should shut up and listen to his words instead of party because he was momentarily famous for bad songs and a famous actress gf. Hell, Bonnie Raitt dropped in at the Saxon a lot when Bruton played a regular gig there and people would keep right on drinking and talking while SHE sang too, it's what people do at the Saxon, get loaded and listen to music and TALK to each other. Dunno why Schneider thought he was special. I was there one night Raitt dropped in and it wasn't novel and a lot of people stayed in the billiards room and listened but didn't even bother to go look at her as they were playing pool.

    I once dated a gal who once dated Carrot Top of all damn people to have been before me, so my taste might not be trustworthy either. She didn't like me to bring that up. :-)

    Hell with 'em, they're just show people. Some show people are nice, a lot aren't. Most people get into performance because they have some mental issues especially regarding whether or not they are accepted by others.

  7. FWIW: One time Poodie Locke and a bunch or Willie Nelson's road crew of gypsies, along with Don King-nice guy, runs prominent hugely profitable strip clubs, not the bad haired boxing promoter- and they are all super heavy tippers and money spenders in clubs their friends own and their regular hangouts away from their own clubs and he and Sandra both told them to pipe down when they were blowing off steam getting off from the road...because his songs were important. Yeah, that's why the cover is three bucks tonight Bob, you're important!

    I couldn't say I'd date her if she liked him for years. Tom's true stories from the life of a former musical mil-brat.

  8. She don' do haid.

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