Friday, April 2, 2010


Page 496, section 5210 calls for the establishment of a "Ready Reserve Corps", Commissioned officers to be appointed by the President, and this army can be called out by the Surgeon General. Does Congress not understand that the Surgeon General is not a real general, and should not be commanding an army?

Members of Team STORMBRINGER are sending me a ton of revealing info about what's in the Healthcare Bill - I'm sorting it out over the weekend and I'll post the entire bill - all 906 pages - as some sort of link readers can click on to see for themselves.

- Sean Linnane



  1. Seriously, Sean, it's the Ready Reserve Corps of the US Public Health Service.

    Why is everyone up in arms about this? I've seen it pop up at several sites, and people start screeching about a private army.

    We've had the USPHS in one form or another from the inception of the country, and they STILL haven't tried to pull off a coup.

  2. Uh, this all sounds like a bad, er uh, fucking hilarious Leslie Neilson project. Does Obama have a cabinet member who can make sound effects with his mouth? Has he ever seen a grown man nekkid?

    I just can't take this seriously anymore. Once Biden said it's fucking rad, or what ever... What a brilliant bit of mis-direction.

    I am more worried about IRS agents kicking my door in and perforating me for being a health care hold-out. How dare I? That will teach me to be unhealthy. I mean, what's the punishment for dissing the IRS? Guns, cops, court and perhaps jail. That's damn scary.

  3. mxdg - maybe the 16k additional IRS agents are the "Ready Reserve Corps" or 'corpse' as O pronounces it?

  4. Philistine, we ought to worry about all of it. Slow by slow all the dinky little semi-irrelevant Federal agencies, disparate and seemingly harmless, are being empowered. Armed. No controls, no checks and balances, just the muscle to bring woe upon our heads. Our leaders will not come at us head on in a big way. They will inflict the Death of One Thousand Mosquitos.

  5. I listened to a bit of obama's Surgeon General on C-SPAN. She was explaning why she was a "general". Seems she considers herself to be commanding as many people as a military general, therefore she is a general. She also pointed out her uniform. If you listen to her for a short time you think Jocelyn Elders.

    You bet this is scary stuff.

  6. To enforce mandatory vaccination when they release another bug and call it a "health crisis"?

  7. The Ready Reserve of the Public Health Service has been around, as xbradtc points out. So they're updating the language, which is plausible enough for a health care bill this massive. On the other hand, mandatory involuntary callup seems to be new, I can't find anything about that previously. Drafting doctors dumb enough to sign up is hardly the biggest threat to liberty, but it shows where their hearts are. And I'm with Charles, above, on the dangers of creeping bureaucratism. These people may not be Bond villains, but neither are they champions of limited government and personal liberty.

  8. And on the "general" title, they really do have a commission and a legal rank of vice admiral. It's a holdover from eighteenth century protocol that doesn't quite translate into the modern world. That's also why they get/are stuck with a uniform.