Saturday, April 17, 2010


Ralph Weber is a very successful businessman; he has a near-genius intellect and he is a close personal friend of mine. That's his outfit MediBid over there in the rack, right underneath the Harley. When word got out I was leaving the Army, Ralph showed up at my house and scooped me up. He became my mentor and taught me ten million times more about business and life outside the Big Green Machine than any business school or MBA course of study ever could. I owe Ralph A LOT. What he has to say is worthy and very insightful - if you've got ten minutes, click on the video and hear what he has to say. Thanks,

- Sean Linnane

Ralph Weber MediBid CEO speaks at Atascadero Tea Party 2010 about Healthcare Reform and Obamacare

"We need a battle cry to fight these aristocrats. Neither logic, nor truth, nor the will of the people is working, because the elitists honestly believe they are aristocrats, and that they have the right to govern us against our will. People have gotten used to people taking money and property away from them. If the people can come to understand that America is a spirit, and that they can BE America, then the aristocrats can never win."

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