Thursday, April 29, 2010


Texas Governor Rick Perry Shoots Coyote That Threatened His Dog

Canis latrans - Not normally a threat to humans, they do go after small pets. In some areas coyotes have begun to act aggressively toward humans, chasing joggers and bicyclists, confronting people walking their dogs, and stalking small children.

" . . . Perry carries a .380 Ruger with hollow point bullets when jogging, as the area is known for coyotes harassing dogs and cats in the area and sometimes people. He primarily carries the pistol because he is afraid of snakes."

The next time I pack heat when I'm out on a long-distance run through the woods won't be the first time - for jogging I carry a lightweight frame Charter Arms five-round snub-nosed revolver loaded with ratshot for the snakes interspersed with hollowpoints for the big, two legged snakes. - S.L.

Anybody know where I can get a good deal on one of these babies?

A 70-seat Tsunami?

Will it make a difference? Can they undo the mess the Dems got us into . . . or is it too late? - S.L.

No Surprise Here:

Media still clueless about Tea Parties



  1. Out here in southern NM we got coyotes, lots of them, but always have. Farm & Ranch rules apply: see 'em, shoot 'em. I bet the troubles are in more populated and developed areas. They are sneaky bastards; the only yote I shot was with an M1, lucky shot to be sure. One buddy of mine was calling them, (takes a long time to bring 'em in as they are usually so cautious) and when he rose to take the shot a rattler bit him. Go figure. Needless to say he missed the shot.

    Sean, nothing against Ruger or any others that make the small autos but I prefer revolvers. J frame Smiths or the Charter like you have. Simple, easy to carry and virtually failure-proof. I haven't seen snake shot loads for semi-autos either.
    Actually the smallest semi-auto I will carry is a Glock 19. Other than that, 1911s cocked and locked. That's just my 2 cents worth.

  2. I understand the comments, and in such an encounter would prefer more gun, but the Governor used what was at hand to good effect. Also, I have handled the LCP, and based on my experience as a marathoner, the LCP would be managable on a run. In any event, I don't see our Governor having the stones to off a coyote.

  3. Yes, rather the small gun carried often than the big one left behind. I have carried the small Beretta .22s, .32s, I had a Colt .380 once, didn't work out for me. I like the Kahr 9s. All will cause who- or whatever is bothering you to have second thoughts. Main thing is to find something suitable and practice and practice and then carry the dang thing.

    Down here it's getting a bit tense; I'm always in Condition Yellow near the Orange side so it's the G19 or a 1911. Couldn't very well sling a Rem 870, gives folks the vapors ... although might happen before this troubles is over. I pray not.

    Too bad about your gov, but then again not many of 'em are noted for having the stones, eh?

  4. Here you go, $275 shipped. I just purchased a Beretta CX4 Storm .40 carbine from Tanners. Great deal.

    1. Republicans: always shooting everything that moves.