Friday, April 30, 2010

Sir Richard Francis Burton - BADASS

from the Worthy Blog of Note:


Why can't I write inspired sh*t like this? - S.L.

Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton was a completely crazy nutjob who had more adventures on his way to the bathroom in the middle of the night than most lesser humans manage to cram into a two-week vacation inside the stomach of a still-breathing whale. This author, soldier, adventurer, explorer, geographer, translator, linguist, fencer, duelist, anthropologist, and pretty much anything else you can ever think of –ist spoke a mind-crushing 29 different languages and dialects fluently, wrote 50+ books ranging in content and sanity from travelogues to erotic fiction, explored uncharted lands in India, Africa, and the Middle East, and was the first person to translate the borderline-pornographic content of The Kama Sutra and The Arabian Nights into English. He also had a gnarly attitude, a glorious beard, and a hot temper that drove him to kill more people than a Dirty Harry movie.

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  1. Just... dayam.

    Click the fricking link.

  2. Sean,
    I've read of many of the Badasses portrait in this book of Badasses and have found some truly great stories. As far as this guy is concerned, I'm thinking he's a typical type A personality with a penchant for adventure, danger, madness, understanding and languages. In today’s world, he'd make a great Special Forces Operator. In the future, he’ll just be an example of a type of man for whom the world was his oyster, and is extinct…....jd

  3. Byron Farwell writes a very good bio of him. Great story, they left out how he got a spear wound through his cheek. His tomb is actually a tent that his wife erected for him. It looks like the one in Tomb raider with Angelina Jolie.

    1. you are right he was a complete bad ass! an expert with firearms!