Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I just got a mission dropped in my lap - posts will be minimal for the five-to-seven days.

You old SF team dogs been through pain of iso and mission prep & planning know what I'm talking about . . . no joy . . .

Keep your emails and post material coming - I will file it according to date & subject and get around to posting it. Your contributions really help; it's just right now I got somethin' to do, and where I gotta to, you can't come with me."


  1. hey brother have fun out there. take it easy and let me know when you make it to my side of the world, we'll link up... at least you know where to find a cold one.

  2. Same here, iffen ya need some R&R I got a tapper on ice.

  3. The original people like to find some cool one to make their time enjoyable.