Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Paul Revere by J.S. Copley

I can't claim I was onto this - a loyal member of Team STORMBRINGER brought this to my attention just now . . . I haven't been blogging long enough to get my calendar in order to be on top of everything . . . that having been said, going on a year into the project I can't whine & cry "I'm new around here!" much longer . . . S.L.

Happy Birthday America! 19/4/1775 is Lexington and Concord and the routing of the Lobsterbacks!

(No offense to Theo, of course.)

How come all the talking heads on TV and the radio all they had to talk about was Waco and Oklahoma City and not a effing one of them mentioned it was the anniversary of the BIRTH OF AMERICA AS A FREE COUNTRY?

- from Tom . . . EXCELSIOR!

The Battle of Lexington

The Battles of Lexington and Concord on April 19, 1775 were the opening engagements of the American Revolution. After the 1774 passage of the Intolerable Acts by the British Parliament, unrest in the colonies increased.

The British commander at Boston, Gen. Thomas Gage, sought to avoid armed rebellion by sending a column of royal infantry from Boston to capture colonial military stores at Concord. News of his plan was dispatched to the countryside by Paul Revere, William Dawes, and Samuel Prescott.

The old Church Steeple where lamps were hung, signaling Revere, Dawes and Prescott to make their fateful ride . . .

As the advance column under Major John Pitcairn reached Lexington, they came upon a group of militia (the Minutemen).

Minutemen militia at Lexington.

After a brief exchange of shots in which several Americans were killed, the colonials withdrew, and the British continued to Concord. Here they destroyed some military supplies, fought another engagement, and began a harried withdrawal to Boston, which cost them over 200 casualties.

Minuteman Memorial in Concord, Massachusetts.


  1. Somebody said: Post that as a comment to share with everyone. Being as it's his place, I shall.

    "What a glorious morning this is!" --Samuel Adams, to John Hancock at the Battle of Lexington, Massachusetts. Nineteen April, in the Year of Our Lord 1775 - The Shot Heard Round The World.

    May we Liberate Ourselves from Oppression as we
    De Oppresso Liber as well!


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  4. I am trying to figure out what actor Paul Revere reminds me of...a mixture between John Belushi and Jack Black?
    Either way - i never envisioned Revere to look like his portrait above.

  5. Paul Revere's family's original surname was...drum roll please...de Revoir. French Huguenots. Proving that not all people of French Extraction are Surrender Monkeys and work shy.