Thursday, April 15, 2010


The tone over at American Thinker appears to be slightly sympathetic to this loon:

Before the meeting was over, LTC Lakin's Pentagon Access Pass had been revoked, and his laptop computer was set to be confiscated.

The message to LTC Lakin is clear; through official channels, he was informed yesterday that he will shortly be court-martialled for crimes (specifically, missing movement and conduct unbecoming an officer) that for others has led to lengthy imprisonment at hard labor.

My buddy Jimbo at Blackfive posted on this issue - you've got to scroll down, they don't highlight their individual posts:

Army to Court Martial Birther Clown

Me? I personally believe Obama probably WAS born in Hawaii, but that his original birth certificate says his nationality is British (coming from a colony, technically his father was a British subject) or Kenyan. Then there's the whole two-step he did with his citizenship when he was a kid in Indonesia, but I'm prone to give him a pass on that; he was a kid - the kid takes the citizenship of his parents (in this case US and Indonesian) and when he's 18 years of age, he declares one way or the other.

Either way, it doesn't matter if he's from Hawaii, or Kenya, or Mars for that matter - they swore him in and until they undo that, he's the President of the United States. It's not up to serving officers to go out and grandstand like this, promoting disloyalty in the ranks.

Oh well, if a light colonel wants to fall on his sword, hit the self-destruct button on his own career, and make a total ass out of himself along the way, it won't be the first time. Me? I was taught to blend into the formation, be the gray man, never draw attention to yourself . . .

. . . it worked for me for twenty-five years, and I had a LOT of fun along the way!

- Sean Linnane



  1. Blending in is an easy way to have fun and avoid any ethical responsibility.

    Remember that officers are sworn to uphold the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic rather than the lawful orders of those appointed above them. There in is the rub. Each officer is supposed to make Constitutional decisions rather than just doing what they are told to do by their boss.

    The standard Nazi answer to genocide was that they were only following their orders. It appears that you recommend the same tact. If our Armed Forces keep going the same ethical direction that they are currently taking all of us retired folks are going to be labeled domestic terrorists and our own troops will be happy to round us up.

    It is easy to say someone is a nutcase. The problem here is that the senior DoD officials and senior generals are more willing to take bribes than they are to follow the Constitution. This is no surprise since the UCMJ allows that absolute truth is not a defense during courts martial.


  2. Here is a link directly to Jimbo's post and comments

    Dave has a point above about O's eligibility scam before being protected as POTUS should not condone his actions:
    “Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

  3. "I was taught to blend into the formation, be the gray man, never draw attention to yourself . . "

    Is that like "don't draw enemy fire. It annoys those around you"?

  4. I'm in a quandary about this. Not just this guy but others in the military that have balked at serving because of "the birther" business.

    It is their life to do with as they see it.

    But it seems a waste when there is no real recourse or relief. Although I do think I remember one soldier that just got a discharge and that was the end of it. Don't recall if it was dis-honorable.

    Just seems a waste.

    But I will ask these questions:

    1. Why won't he authorize the release of his hospital birth records.

    2. Why are all of his academic records held closed or why he will not authorize release of them?

    3. Why...on many other questions on his past or maybe just what IS his past?

    Yes he was sworn in (twice) and he is the President. Which myself and millions of others would like to see changed as soon as possible.

    But it may be too late to undo all the damage that our Congress and he has already done.

    This whole deal leaves an uneasy feeling in my soul.

    I'm not afraid for myself but fear for my grand kids and their future.

    Papa Ray


    How on EARTH do you draw a straight line conclusion from me saying don't draw fire on yourself to:

    "The standard Nazi answer to genocide was that they were only following their orders. It appears that you recommend the same tact."

    FOR THE RECORD: I never followed illegal orders - Hell, I was never GIVEN illegal orders. Last time I looked this is not Nazi Germany - at least not yet, anyway - and if it ever gets that bad we have something the Nazi's NEVER had: an active Resistance.

    It's called the Tea Party, and it includes people from BOTH parties.

    This "Dave" guy who tried to slam me obviously NEVER stood in a military formation. That's my story and I'm sticking to it . . .

    . . . Sean Linnane

  6. Sean, you are in over your head on this post. I was under oath for 32 years and stood in a few formations during that time. An apology is due -- or you can stick to your story and be wrong.

    You need to realize that just because you were never given illegal orders doesn't mean that they were not issued. I was given illegal orders numerous times and refused them because they were illegal. For those readers who don't know there is a difference between an order violating a regulation and one that is against US Code.

    By the time I retired General officers were lying to me on a regular basis and everyone knew they were lying.

    Yes there is a direct correlation between doing what is right and keeping your head down or as you put it not drawing fire and blending in. If you speak with Nazis and Germans from WW II or read their books most will tell you that they did exactly what you recommend -- keep your head down and blend in. The testimony of those who blended in was taken after WW II and it was strikingly the same. We just followed orders.

    Lt Colonel Lakin will be found guilty and it will not be a legitimate judgment. He is doing what every officer is supposed to do -- obey his oath of office. Unfortunately the senior leaders are incapable of doing the same. Bloggers and media talking heads will say that Lt Colonel Lakin is a nut to take the pressure off of those who are not going to do their jobs properly.


  7. Terry Lakin will find out that beliefs and facts are two very different things and in the end his courts-martial will be his own public humiliation for believing something he can not prove. I would love to be there during the military trial and find out what facts he has, internet gossip? Let’s face it no one will take the Birthers seriously until they win a case, but until then, they will continue to appear dumb, crazy or racist, or maybe all three. The old GOP Confederacy, that is what these liars want, good luck with that.


  9. No doubt in my mind that Obama was born in Hawaii and is a natural citizen. But why would Obama not simply resolve an issue that is so potentially damaging? Because it serves to distract from the truth of his birth, which is far stranger than the fiction.