Thursday, April 15, 2010


Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, a decorated Army doctor, will be court-martialed for refusing orders to go to Afghanistan until President Obama proves he was born in the United States.

On April 12 Lieutenant Colonel Terrance Lakin was ordered to report to Fort Campbell, Kentucky for deployment to Afghanistan, but reported instead at the Pentagon, where he was confronted by his brigade Commander Colonel Gordon Roberts, a Vietnam Medal of Honor recipient.

As a result, Lakin has been assigned to duty at Walter Reed pending investigation, the medical center announced in a brief statement today. Media sources are reporting that Lakin will face a court-martial for failing to show up at Fort Campbell, but the official statement makes no mention of that. Calls to Lakin’s home in Maryland are not being answered.

On March 30 Lakin announced he would not to deploy or obey any other orders until Obama produces an "original" birth certificate showing he was born in Hawaii. The Army has not yet publicly addressed the issue, noting that Lakin had not actually violated any orders. On March 31, however, he was officially counseled that he could face court-martial for being a no-show at Fort Campbell. The letter detailed several regulations that Lakin would be violating and pointed out he could be imprisoned and lose all pay and benefits, including his retirement, if convicted.

On 11 April STORMBRINGER commented on the vein of this guy's logic; I said than and I still say now he's a wingnut and I just promoted him to Chief Bottle Washer in the Tinfoil Hat Brigade.

- Sean Linnane



  1. I think he's a loon as well but...
    He has the courage of his convictions unlike most of the loons out there. He's willing to stand up for what he believes in and make the scarifice that takes.

  2. There's a thin line between brave and stupid and this guy was transmitting on all frequencies as he rolled across it.

  3. He is a disgrace to his uniform. In my opinion he is a traitor to his country and should be taken to the public square and shot.