Sunday, April 4, 2010


Online Voting Started in the Fourth Annual MILbloggies

Israeli milblogger and friend of this site DOUBLETAPPER is right now leading the pack for Foreign National (military) - to vote for him, click on the Milblogging link below and register (it's quick, easy and painless).

DoubleTapper gettin' his bad on with the with the IWI Negev LMG SAW is the world's largest index of military blogs - a visitor can find the right milblog that interests them generally in fewer than five clicks. Registration is free, and users can submit military blogs. Milblogging is affiliated with and is a premier sponsor of the 2010 Milblog Conference, April 9/10 at the Westin Arlington Gateway in Arlington, Virginia.

My journalist counterparts are loathe to admit it, but the blogosphere phenomena is changing the entire news genre. The newspapers are going the way of buggy whips and high-button boots, due to classified ads shifting to the Internet, and consumers of news are becoming jaundiced at the daily dishings-up of the mainly liberal "Mainstream Media". It used to be the Big Three - ABC, NBC, CBS - owned the news and told us what to think; nowadays the Drudge Report and web log ("blog") journals like the ones mentioned above are replacing the evening news talking heads.

Modern journalists are everyday citizens; they are subject matter experts in their respective fields and more often the war correspondents are military men and women themselves. This tradition goes back more than a hundred years; professional soldier Winston Churchill covered the Boer War as a correspondent for The Morning Post (as depicted in the excellent 1972 film Young Winston).

Milblogging is how you can support your favorite warrior scribes out there; the Top 100 favorites is based on the number of registered users that have added the blog to their favorites. I added Blackfive, DoubleTapper (of course), The Fourth Rail a.k.a The Long War Journal, Iraq the Model, Michael Yon, Mudville Gazette and Neptunuslex to my list of favorites - the rest of the milblogs that I support were not listed, but I will get on to them to "Get on board the team for the Big Win!" (Extra credit if you know what movie that line is from.)

Why is it you don't see STORMBRINGER listed? That's because I registered only just now - put in my vote for Doubletapper - and I'm waiting the approval process; you'll see my site up there soon enough.

UPDATE: It's already be too late to nominate a favorite milblog to the 2010 Milbloggies - that stopped yesterday (Saturday) at midnight - BUT YOU CAN STILL VOTE ! ! !