Saturday, March 13, 2010


Situational Awareness, on-going SW Border area violence: This vehicle was encountered in Nuevo Laredo after a firefight:

M2 .50 caliber machinegun mounted inside a Chevy Suburban, used in a firefight in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico - less than one mile from the United States border. This is an example of the weaponry the Mexican Police are going up against on a day-to-day basis.

Intel has confirmed that the cartels along the Southern California border have recruited members of the San Diego area, Logan Heights Street Gang for narcotics, weapons and human smuggling.

How long will it be before we began see this kind of weaponry along the San Diego and Imperial County border, or right on the streets of the border towns and cities?



  1. eMe, 18th Streeters and MS-13 have been involved in the Cartel Wars for nearly a full decade now.

    US based Hispanic gangs nearly completely own the coyote business now as well. Large sections of L.A. street businesses are now fully owned and operated by these gangs. The "poor immigrants, just wanting to better themselves" end up as chattel working slave wages for these gangs in many and sundry money making operations.

    Each of the major US Hispanic gangs has allied to different factions within the cartel wars and many of the gun fighters shooting up the streets come from those gangs.

    There is also the issue of the Zetas. Zetas come from SF trained cadre in the Mexico military. The Zetas are trained up and much more disciplined than the usual gang. They're also the most brutal and murderous of the current gangs working Mexico for blood money.

    1. Que chingen su madre los zetas aki bolando cabezas a los putos ,, cds

    2. Aki la gente del chapo, a los que no saben nada que se tapen el osiko o ya veran, cds

  2. Mexico is lost; perhaps it was never here in the first place. I expect it will continue to regress into alternating anarchy and dictatorship. The US (and the rest of us) should write off this running sore and seal the border Israeli-style. That done, the US should turn to eradicating the gangs on its own soil, ex-judicially if necessary.

  3. Ummm...smith friend drove through a number of drive-throughs with a 1919 in the passenger seat of his truck last Knob Creek run and nobody raised an eyebrow. Guns are guns.

    Mexico is lost because of the US fueled drug war that provides for zetas and such to buy whatever they want. Somalia is fueled by development money in the same fashions. Give people a bunch of money to do a job for you and they might just buy weapons and do the job they want to do and not even kiss you on the way out the door.

    On it's own without a "drug war" Mexico would be up at the top of it's class as a third, or maybe even second, world nation. Guns are readily available in the third world, make the drug trade profitable as to beat all, and the better drug dealers will have pretty good munitions because they can afford it and then we further arm the Mexican cops...and the beat goes on...

  4. Decriminalize the drugs and the money for ma deuce goes away. For that matter, how was that gun funded? For all we know it was paid for in cash by the US Government. Who knows what the barrel of monkeys in DC is up to south of the border.

    Al Capone did quite well with the Thompson until we figured out that some people like to drink no matter how much we wished that they did not and we made booze a lot less profitable.

    As soon as we figure out that society has an element of people who cannot deal with reality without being baked, we can let the open and legal market handle the price of drugs and we can divert all that drug war money to actually securing a border...


  5. I am a big believer in decriminalizing drugs to dry up the black market. Unfortunately the drug gangs are entrenched well enough that, like organized crime after Prohibition ended, they're not going to go away and sell flowers on the roadside. We're going to need a simultaneous crackdown on gangs and a serious effort to close the border. Both of which would require rejecting multiculturalism and political correctness.

  6. Dang a 50., that would make ofr a hell of a drive-by

    ~James G

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    1. The war against drugs is full bloodshed and lies... what a shame for the human kind.