Sunday, March 14, 2010


When I first heard the Jihad Jane story last week, I dismissed it; this was not a case of Self-Induced Jihad Syndrome Strikes Again, I thought. Rather, this is some strange aberration from the norm, a weird phenomena; I commented to a colleague that this is closer to the extremely rare female serial killer, that this bird had discovered a moral justification to become a killer.

Colleen "Jihad Jane" LaRose

Here she is looking cute & coquettish, trawling for dates on her Internet social networking site . . .

. . . when the burqa comes off she's PSYCHO BITCH FROM HELL ! ! !

Then bored blonde housewife #2 popped up:

I don't know about you, but this woman looks kind of scary to me, too . . . like some kind of a predatory, aging porn star . . . anyway her eyes are the wrong shape and besides, I go for brunettes . . .

According to my theory, Self-Induced Jihad Syndrome is not limited to disgruntled, angst-ridden offspring of successful immigrants from the Sand Countries, like this young man:

Even though he was not a Muslim, I maintain that Timothy McVeigh suffered a form of SIJS - an otherwise clean, upstanding individual with no criminal background; self-generated righteousness, America is the threat, etc, etc . . .

Now we see that SIJS isn't exclusive to young disenfranchised males:

Both of the Jihad Janes indoctrinated themselves, apparently, before seeking out recruiters and launching toward their missions. Blog STORMBRINGER has repeatedly stated that we are under attack and the enemy is already inside the gates. The next time you have to take your shoes off for the bored-to-death TSA workers at the airport security checkpoint, think about it. It’s not about swarthy, bearded hajji’s in turbans coming at us; the real threat is somebody who looks as American as Apple Pie – whether he or she is white, black, oriental or whatever – possibly with military training & experience. Just think of Timothy McVeigh – he was a decorated war hero. If this doesn’t blow the whole premise for racial profiling out of the water, what does?


  1. Accordint to the Wall Street Journal Jamie Paulin-Rameriz (Jihad Jane #2) has self esteem problems; been married four times, at least; is still trying to find out who she is. Maybe the Irish will help her with that discovery.

  2. In the old days - she would have just hung around the local bar damaging only herself. Internet has given these loonies access and exposure to do lots of harm.

  3. This crackpot Colleen "Jihad Jane" LaRose eerily reminds me of my second wife. Coincidently, I also didn't know I was under attack until it was almost too late. She's nuts enough to have turned her son over to some sharia school in Ireland where they learn to make pipe bombs in science I guess. They need to send this dingbat PSYCHO BITCH FROM HELL straight to GITMO with all the other scumbags. (and take my second wife too).....jd

  4. They are the product of the progressive state with it's disparaging of traditional moral values.

  5. Internet, yes.
    Under attack, yes.
    Homeboy cells, yes.
    Profiling, hell yes.
    Fibs and the Co. hands tied, yes.
    SA is more and more important.

  6. The real is cute, isn't ? thanks for share these interesting stories they remind me that human race should disappear...