Thursday, March 18, 2010


The Nightmare of Government Healthcare

Walgreens: No New Medicaid Patients as of April 16

Walgreens will stop taking new Medicaid patients in Washington State as of April 16, saying it loses money filling their prescriptions.

They can't afford to pay for the Government healthcare programs we've already got now; what makes you think they'll be able to pay for what they're promising you down the future?

I could tell you horror stories about Government healthcare; I've suffered under it for over twenty-five years.

When my first daughter was being born, she was hung up in there. It was determined they would have to do a Cesarean. No problem, I said, let's do it. Well - there WAS a problem; we had to wait for the anesthesiologist to show up.

"Wait a minute, this is a hospital. Isn't there an anesthesiologist on call?" Well, sure there is. "Well, where is he?" Up in Raleigh (about an hour up the road).

My daughter has cerebral palsy, which is brain damage from birth, which is because she was deprived of oxygen while trying to come out, while we waited for the anesthesiologist to show up.

Oh, and forget about suing the government - you can't do that. The Army hospital conveniently lost the records when they did their move - of course it took them six years to diagnose what was wrong with my daughter in the first place.

You want some more horror stories about government medicine? I've got a rucksack full:

My family is on Tricare, which is government medicine for military dependents, which is similar to Medicare.

The way it works is, there is a schedule of payments for whatever it is you need done to you, and it's typically about 70% the medical community's going rate. In every community, there is a doctor that takes Tricare patients, but you have to look to find him, because no doctor in their right mind wants to be underpaid for his services.

But these Tricare doctors are around; some poor bugger the Government has their hooks into for tuition loans, or whatever. They have to take the Tricare patient, but they sure as hell ain't glad to see you coming, because the second you walk into the doctor's office, he just took a 30% cut in pay.

I'll leave it to you to imagine the quality of care you get on the Government dime: "Aspirin above the waist, foot powder below," just like in the Army.

A couple of years back, I had a gig coming up in Yemen, and I needed a yellow fever shot. Now, I'm not in the Army anymore so I'm out on my own trying to track down some outfit that does yellow fever inoculations. Some place downtown could do them for $90. Ouch. Double ouch, in fact. So I decided to give the government system a go and I found myself at the Cumberland County Department of Public Health.

The place looked like a rundown Greyhound bus terminal. I mean, the walls were even gray! There's all kinds of propaganda on the walls for venereal disease testing & treatment, free milk and food stamps under the WIC program, where to go to get your abortion; all that good stuff. I rock on up to the counter, tell the guy why I'm here, and then I start sizing up the situation.

The kid behind the counter had on a white lab coat, but I could tell just by looking at him he didn't have any kind of college education. In fact, I'd be surprised if he had a high school diploma. The operation he had going behind that steel counter-top looked like some of the medical facilities I've witnessed in Africa:

You think this looks bad, you should see this place from the inside . . .

The kid starts rummaging through this beat up old refrigerator, pulls out a tray full of ancient looking vials, turns around and says "Oh here it is, I found it!"

I was already beating feet for the place down the street that handed yellow fever shots out for $90 bucks.

The truth in Life is you get what you pay for, and if it's free, it isn't worth doodley-squat.

That's why the old Sergeant Major - he was a full-blooded Payute - used to say:

"If you expect the Government to take care of you, you will get what the American Indians got . . . "


This is why we're out in the streets, clamoring for Congress NOT to pass this thing. This is why the Democrats - a.k.a. the "PROGRESSIVES" - have to pull all kinds of Kabuki theater to shove this thing down our throats:




What ever happened to" "Let's put it to an up-and-down vote right now!" Wasn't Obama saying that just a couple of weeks ago?

The truth of the matter is they know if it they put to a vote right now, it would go down in flames - BECAUSE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE DO NOT WANT THIS.

STORMBRINGER proudly supports the Tea Party movement and everything it stands for.


  1. Sean, have a look at the Tizona site now, there's a Rudd/Obama conflab re healthcare.



  2. Welcome to the darkside.

    A.S. Layman III

  3. stole you pictures, but linked all back to here.
    May God have mercy on us all!

  4. SL- so sorry to hear about ur daughter. This must have been a hard post to write.
    The liberals wanting this have no clue what they are asking for and will be the first to whine.
    Once they even start getting services... which is 4 years down the road....a little tidbit the Dems aren't mentioning much.
    Libs sure don't look at facts - just like to make personal attacks like the anon nut above.

  5. We will go to the mattress over this and the next one,'Immigration Reform'

  6. Sorry to hear about your daughter. I too have numerous stories about the terrible care of Vets. I myself have forty plus years fighting the VA and I won very few of the battles.

    I'm glad to see you join the fray. America is coming to a terrible crossroad and there is going to be trouble, big trouble ahead.

    I'm afraid that most Americans are still unaware of this, as they are too tied up just trying to get by or too fascinated by the garbage on TV or the latest tune or clothes.

    But many are waking up from their ignorance of what is going on and what has happened to us in the last fifty years.

    Will it be enough to make a difference? Will the average American stop worrying just about himself and start worrying about our Republic?

    The next year or so will tell the tale and I'm hoping for a happy ending, but preparing for the worse.

    Papa Ray