Saturday, March 20, 2010


Do not - repeat - DO NOT - break their windows.

The following link on Blogmeister Theo's usually brilliant LAST OF THE FEW has been brought to my attention:

To all modern Sons of Liberty: THIS is your time. Break their windows. Break them NOW.

Do not - repeat - DO NOT - break their windows.

This is Vandalism - the tactics of SEIU, ACORN, Earth Liberation Front, Anarchists, etc.

Throwing rotten eggs I can understand - MAYBE - but property destruction is the kind of crap done by the animal-rights fanatics and other nihilistic, revolutionary movements.

These kind of tactics apparently advocated by Irish Cicero of Washington Rebel would DESTROY, UNDERMINE AND REVERSE the staggering sea-change our side has produced in the electorate. It would be counter productive, it would generate anger against our side, turn people against us and validate everything Leftist "Progressives" and even moderate Republicans have been saying about the Tea Party movement all along. If our side tolerates this kind of crap, we deserve to lose the independents.

We have the great American tradition of open political discourse - our cherished Freeedoms of Speech and Assembly - to fall back on here; the hallmark of the Civil Rights movement was civil disobedience, even in the face of physical violence that often turned lethal. The situation is nowhere near desperate enough for anyone to make a stand a la Lexington & Concord.

The events leading up to Lexington & Concord were the result of years of brutal oppression - to include the quartering of troops and the Boston Massacre - by what had then rightly become viewed as a foreign occupying power.

We cannot claim the same in this case because we have overwhelming support for our cause at the highest levels. The issue they are voting on this weekend - complete government takeover of the healthcare industry - is not even a guaranteed sure thing in the House, at this time.

We are on the verge of 38 STATES challenging the constitutionality of major aspects of this legislation if it passes. Apart from that, passage of this thing will almost certainly enlarge the majorities likely to be attained in favor of our side in the November elections, and will likely have a chilling effect on the non-radical Democrats who will then be in the minority.

If the 38 states' challenges fail, there's no doubt that soon afterward there would be 38 states enacting legislation for either adoption of suitable constitutional amendments or a constitutional convention or both. This will give all the non-radical remnants of the Democratic Party permanent brown spots in the backs of their pants.

RESISTANCE - Yes, by all means; but Resistance within the letter of the Law.

The American Revolution is the only true revolution ever to unfold on the pages of History; this is because unlike the other, savage Revolutions of France, Russia, China, South America, Southeast Asia and Africa, which simply served to replace a former set of masters with a new set of oppressive overlords; our Revolution continues to evolve and change, develop and produce anew freedom from oppressive government.

The Constitution has not failed us in over two hundred years - now is not the time to fail it, out of an illegitimate sense of despair.

Our side is in the right here - WE WILL OVERCOME.




  1. Well said, Mr. Linnane! The differeance between us and the evil doers is that we know that the Constitution sets up rules, and unlike them, we play by them. We must not fall into the oppositions ways, we must retain the high ground.

  2. I agree with you as well, and hope the clarification I posted will make that clear.

  3. I generally agree with your opinion here. Strategically is is desirable to maintain the high ground and arrange for the Statists to defeat themselves. I would only add two provisos: the Constitution is not a suicide pact, nor are we obliged to play by Marquis of Queensbury rules when the opposition is employing Chicago street tactics.

  4. I went to WashReb and read Cicero's clarification ... he's dancing, trying to get out from under it. He didn't give it much thought when he hung out the article or he would have issued a disclaimer. But oh no, that would have seemed too wussy or something, goes against the Redneck-Lumberjacks-Real Men-Pioneers of the North Woods image that WashReb projects. Instead he mentions free speech and reckons it is better to apologize afterwards (if he gets caught, that is) than to think twice beforehand.

    To advocate or support or in any other way imply approval of illegal acts is just as bad as committing them. He should know this, he is a lawyer, as he often reminds us.

  5. As the fellow who issued the call "To all modern Sons of Liberty: THIS is your time. Break their windows. Break them NOW." found here:

    I would like to interrupt your tea and cakes party for a little explication of the obvious.

    First and foremost, what I am trying to do is save Nancy Pelosi's life, here. Her and all of her ilk.

    You folks seem to think, unlike the Founders, that polite politics will be sufficient to the maintenance of your liberties. To repeat myself, this bill demands that we -- every living soul in this country -- pay or play in their brave new tyrannical system.

    If we refuse, we will be fined.

    If we refuse to pay the fine, we will be arrested.

    If we resist arrest, we will be killed.

    There WILL be resistance. Thus, there will be people killed by IRS raiding parties. Do you people not understand how close this country is to outright civil war?

    I am merely advocating a middle ground of resistance that the Founders themselves used.

    The domestic enemies of the Founders' Republic are collectivists. They do not care about legalities in the pursuit of their objectives, they only care about power.

    When asked if her bill was constitutional, Pelosi replied incredulously, "Are you serious? Are you serious?" In this, she follows in the long train of collectivist thought that includes Stalin's famous observation about the moral force of the Catholic Church: "The Pope? THE POPE?!? How many divisions does HE have?"

    This bill, it seems, will be passed. According to Dana Milbank of the WP, history shows that it will never be repealed.

    He is right about one thing. It will never be repealed by conventional political action.

    It WILL be repealed at the muzzles of a few million rifles. The Imperial Federals will give us no choice, but to begin defending ourselves with deadly force.

    And you're worried about bricks and broken windows?

    Mike Vanderboegh

  6. Charles:

    Fair enough, but my concern was for Theo's blog more than my own hide. That's how it is, Wussy or no.

  7. Sean, we are in agreement, I read the 'break their windows' rant, and considered it this AM on my run, but by the time I got back home, I thought that rotten tomatoes would be better.

    I do agree with the Rebel's sentiments. All this crap being pulled sets my teeth on edge.

  8. Good thing our founders never broke any windows or broke any local laws while they waited for King George to redress their grievances. And good thing their liberty was handed to them as a result of good behavior as compliant serfs.

    Now today - They rip the Constitution apart and stage a communist coup, and you are ok, since it would give some party more votes in November.

    I didn't take an oath to help a party.

    My Constitution is being raped today, and she needs my help to protect and defend her. Standing aside watching and thinking about how this might play out later, about how you can beg for your liberty later, AFTER the train has left the station; or how this might be to some partisan political favor - is not what comes to mind.

    How about stopping it before it happens? Defend the Constitution. Don't show up later and try to patch her back together again after she is broken and trampled.

    If your Constitution doesn't need defending now, then when? Later, when it's more popular? Will you just say you were "there in spirit" after others did the heavy lifting?

    "If you love wealth more than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, depart from us in peace. We ask not your counsel nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you. May your chains rest lightly upon you and may posterity forget that you were ever our countrymen."
    — Samuel Adams

    Do everything you can, in the remaining time, to stop where this is going. Or know that you were complicit by enabling it to happen, so you could get an extra vote later.

  9. Not everyone can break a window.

    Not everyone can steal 1/6 of the US economy in a marxist coup.

    Those in the middle must decide where they stand. Not because they are in perfect agreement with one side or the other, but because that choice is being forced upon them by the coup.

    “Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal.”
    – Martin Luther King Jr.

    Do you honor the oath, or follow the laws?
    Damn them for forcing that choice upon the nation.

  10. Irish Cicero, didn't mean to ruffle feathers. Merely would counsel restraint for now. May well come a time to storm the barricades, just ... not yet.

  11. While politically more applications by the states will only serve to force Congress to face a convention call, the fact is all 50 states have already submitted over 700 applications for a convention call. See to read the applications. The Constitution demands a convention call if 34 states submit 34 applications for a call. Congress, in violation of the Constitution, has refused to call the convention and it should be obvious to all that a runaway government is far more a threat to this nation than a convention which can only propose amendments could ever be.

  12. IF not us, Who? If not now, When?

    The elected sure aren't holding back. They even Promote it as "the way things get done" despite the rules saying otherwise.

    Enough is enough. The only thing being damaged here is property, Something that they seem to care a great deal about, so long as it is theirs, not ours. They want to steal from us(what little we have left) our children, and our childrens children.

    And they haven't been listening. It's obvious they want a fight but won't throw the first punch. Anonymous brick throwers aren't a Militia, just as a lone pilot wasn't a member of the TEA party. People died in his case, here only windows. IF that doesn't get their attention at how close they are to walking into a Civil War, I don't know what is. Yet at present rate, there will be more people cracking, going over the edge, and people will die needlessly. Unless we show them they have pushed TO FAR.

  13. Yes. Don't break the windows. Don't vandalize. Don't physically block them. Don't "stoop to their level", Don't act like they do.

    Instead, act as we always have. Above them. Better than them. Clean. Legitimate.

    I mean hey, look how well it's worked!

  14. just saw these two paragraphs at

    "One of my nightmares in this whole pile of crap is the Line: nobody wants to go to the violence level, even breaking windows, unless that's actually what it'll take, but what if you wait too long and it's too late for some shattered glass to get the message across?

    We've got people in high positions in the the government openly planning- hell, carrying out- the violation of their oath of office, openly breaking the highest Law of the Land; we've hit the point of asking "Is there ANYTHING short of a violent act- like breaking their windows- that they'll actually pay attention to?"


    The point is not to break windows. It is to stop folks from rushing into treason and crossing the rubicon, without doing everything you can to warn them. Not everyone could or should want to break windows, or do anything except sleep comfortably in a warm bed. The point of any spear is always a difficult place. The vast majority of any people will only be capable of supporting roles. Look at any pyramid - Lots and lots of REMFs are needed, and are vital to any cause!

  15. What about tar, feathers and a rail when our elected officials return home from Washington D.C. to tell us peons why they wouldn't listen to our demands to vote no?

    That's a non-lethal action and it occupies a fine seat in American history for those politicians who violated their oaths of office.

    Really the proposed health care bill is not about health care it is about changing the very fabric of America and controlling the population.


  16. Our representatives tend to hide on recesses...or go on their boondoggles to places around the world.
    Term limits and all laws/policies apply to them too - no exemptions. AND we get to vote their raises.

  17. Stormbringer:

    Are you serious?

    "The Constitution has not failed us in over two hundred years - now is not the time to fail it, out of an illegitimate sense of despair."

    I always had you figured for a sound-thinker and a realist.

    I commend to you an article written nearly 75 years ago on that whole "Constitution not failing" thing. With due respect, sir, you need to read it and think clearly about what has happened to the country since Frank the Cripple first ran roughshod over the Article II limitations:

    The Revolution Was

    Here's what will be happening while all the good little boys and girls are diddling themselves over fantasies of judicial saviors and state legislative messiahs:

    Think You'll Get Revenge in November? Think Again.

    Don't you understand?

    Breaking windows isn't violence.

    Shattered glass isn't dead people shot through with multiple rounds.

    Deterrence has failed.

    We are to blame.

    For shame.

  18. Sorry Sean, it is too late.
    The points you bring up should have been inacted on a year ago.

  19. Nah, you window-smashers just want to smash windows. You don't give a crap about the Constitution or this country.

    If you did, you'd be out there, in person, trying to convince people of your cause. Remember 'of the people, by the people, for the people'? Well, if you can't get the people on your side, you deserve to lose.

    "Oh, but that's hard! Whine whine whine, oh, I can't have my way, I'll smash things!" Whiners and losers, that's most of what we seem to have on the right. No wonder the Dems control everything.

    If you really cared about the Constitution, you'd be working hard to get into positions of influence, just like the left has these last 50 years. You'd be taking crap jobs as reporters and school teachers and working your way through grad school to become lawyers and professors and think tank gurus. The left has won because they have done the work to dominate those fields for the last half-century. Where were your asses? That's where the battle is, and as far as I can see, you and 99% of the right have been AWOL.

    You've been happy to bend over and take it for the last 50 years, then get on your knees and say 'thank you, may I have another?' I'll believe you're serious about more than just smashing crap to smash crap when I see the right flood journalism, education, and grad schools, teaching positions, and entry-level reporting and law jobs. Until then, stop whining; you make the rest of us look bad.

  20. Actually Lumpy, a lot of us have been creating and running the businesses that employ the majority of the people of this nation. Apparently the creation of tangible goods which creates real wealth doesn't rate in your book. No wonder our economy is in the tanks. I guess I should have become a political commisar instead so you wouldn't be able to talk out of the side of your neck!

  21. While I believe that counseling caution and calm is perfectly fine in some regards (e.g. now is the time to stockpile ammo and arms, make plans, form militia cells), I also believe a little window breaking is well in order. We need not be so squeemish about a little broken glass. A little civil unrest and disobedience is NOT a sign of panic, but can be a calculated tactic.

    There is little to be gained by not warning our political adversaries that they have stepped over the line, that it is no longer "political business as usual". They need to understand that we will not let this country slide into socialism; that some of us would rather create a firestorm of chaos and anarchy than watch liberty die that slow death. It is only right that we give them that final warning and chance to retreat from their ill-advised course.

    If they can't learn fast enough, there will be time enough for real hostilities.

    Lumpy counsels a long slow path of infiltration to retake our institutions. Nothing wrong with that too. But it should not be our only thrust. Far too much irreversible damage can be done by the socialists and spendthrifts now in power before that path will bear any fruit. Oh, and by the way, Lumpy, I went through grad school, I have a law degree, and I've taught school. So you can bend over and take that.

  22. The time to resist the rape and pillage is when the thieves are sacking the place.

    Now we must necessarily turn from being productive, to repelling the marxist pirates attacking us. Only after vigorous de-lousing of this marxist infestation, will we be able to turn back to rebuild what they've destroyed. But the immediate problem is the barbarians at the gate setting our house on fire.

    "If our house be on fire, without inquiring whether it was fired from within or without, we must try to extinguish it."
    - Thomas Jefferson letter to James Lewis, Jr., May 9, 1798

  23. You all seem to think it's not too late. Illegals are next, capntrade, and so on. The barn door is open, no way to put the cats back in the sack.


    It's just taken some years for the deck chairs to start sliding. But, dang, that band was GOOD.

  24. Anon 8:18, are you advocating violence? If not, I wasn't talking to you. If so, and to ruralcounsel as well, this is a war of ideas. What are you doing to fight it?

    The reason we're in the shape we are in now is because we don't have 'the people' with us - they voted these assholes in. If you are talking violence, it will be violence against the people.

    It isn't like no one saw this coming. How long have conservatives talked about how the left runs the schools, the universities, the media? Fifty years? And no one thought that would ever result in something like this?

    ruralcounsel, glad you were in on the war of ideas. Are you still? And, since you were, why did you think I was talking to you?

  25. throuhg history we could observe the rise and fall of many resistance, but no matter how many time the world fall into a dark age, there's always people who want freedom and justice, that people is the resistance