Tuesday, March 2, 2010


The best response I got from yesterday's crying in my cornflakes was Honorable Mention from the Most Excellent and Ultimate Progressive Site PEOPLEs CUBE:


Noticing in your post today you are a fan of ThePeoplesCube - and especially in light of your understanding how badly the AGW cult has bastardized the scientific process to support their collectivist agenda . . .

"The purpose of our Progressive movement is to instill enormous guilt among wealth creators, causing them to give their money to us voluntarily."

Because I once was a guest of the People's Revolutionary Republic, I understand the importance of self-criticism, and I am able to correctly confess my Crimes Against the People - Sean Linnane

"This is the Final Confession of War Criminal STORMBRINGER, greater than all of any criminals discovered this century, having come to realize the greatness of my crimes and seek the leniency of the Freedom-Loving People of the PRR - not for my Unworthy Self but for my fellow War Criminals for the heinous crimes perpetrated by ourselves while conducting horrible outrages against the Democratic People’s Revolutionary Republic

To this end, I agree with everything the Beloved Leader has ever said or thought in his entire Life.

In summation, we who have been rotating upon the Fickle Finger of Fate for such long languid months give our word to the Great Speckled Bird that we will heretofore in all sincerity cleanse ourselves of rottenness and vituperations as we solemnly await our return to our loved ones so that the Fickle Finger can be replaced by the Rosy Fingers of Dawn and Salvation.

I hereby swear all of the above to be true on the sacred honor of the Great Speckled Bird. So help me, Hanna."

Extra Credit and a Free pass to StormBringerLand to whomever determines the original inspiration for the above piece of inspired literature - S.L.

This post is dedicated to the memory of a good friend, known in 1st Special Forces Group as The Goose.

A highly decorated member of "Uncle Sam's Misguided Children" who came over to join us on the Dark Side; Goose possessed a genius level IQ and at least six distinct personalities that I was aware of. Of all the various people that lived within Goose's tortured skull, my favorite was his Commissar persona . . .

. . . S.L.



  1. To My dear friend Sean,
    From one misguided child to another, the dark side is where we should all strive to be and I'm proud to know that Goose is in, and in good standing. That said, I too was also always impressed with the number of personalities the truly gifted genius types I've known have. For it is said that creativity is next to madness, and you my good comrade, are very creative.....jd

  2. "Who is Cdr. Bucher?" This site reveres and pays homage to the Great Speckled Bird: http://usspueblo.org/Prisoners/Pete_Final_Confession.html

  3. The Shepherd seeks venison and duck, but it is turkey and grouse for which the long table of the Stormbringer is famous...

  4. Darn, I was going to say CMDR Bucher as well, but was beaten to the post by a fair bit. No pass for the Badger, alas.