Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I get all kinds of stuff from left field coming through the STORMBRINGER mail locker, but this is kind of cool, especially if you're a fighter pilot:

F-16 Silver Stick and Throttle

As an aviation fan I mix business with pleasure by sculpting numerous joysticks models of famous combat airplanes including the F-16.

This particular model replicates the joytick of champion pilot: Colonel G. E. Epstein - recording 17 hits of Russian-made MIG planes!

Every Aviation loving person will enjoy having this unique true 1:1 scaled model stick on his desk. Each joystick is positioned on a black wooden base with a proper space for personal endorsement.

This F-16 Stick’s measurements are: Length: 13.4 cm/5.36 inches, Width 7.9cm/3.16 inches, Height: 22.6 cm/9.04 inches.

The Throttle of the F-16 measurements are: Length 12.3cm/4.92 inches, Width 7.6cm/3.04 inches, Height 19.3 cm/7.72 inches.

Solid sterling silver, this is a great gift idea! Because I'm going commercial, I'm going to contact the artist - Amnon Caspi - and see about setting up a link for those interested to click on. For today he gets some free advertising; interested parties can contact me, and I'll put you in contact.

-Sean Linnane


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  1. Um, what might be the cost of this wonderful work of art?