Saturday, March 13, 2010


Remember that piece I wrote about women in the military? I took a lot of flak over that (mostly from people who, by their own admission, never served a day in uniform).

Here's a woman I'd have on my team, any day:

She can obviously KICK ASS ! ! !

All I want to know is; I do ten times MORE than that, every day. How come I can't make my "dunlap" go away ? ? ?

Many thanks to Theo, for this!


  1. Her site has Total Upload Views: 75,917,757

    You boys are really into workouts :)

  2. You still don't get it.

    1. It's not about women in the military. Women have a well established place in the military already. It's about women in combat arms.

    2. It's not even all about women being unable to physically deal with the demands, even though, regardless of how cut or how defined or how butch a woman looks, she can not, will not ever be able to pull the load required for combat arms. Combat arms isn't about the requirements for the select place or select situation where things are more controlled. It's about EVERY place and EVERY possible situation, the most severe, the most demanding possible that a human being can be subjected to.

    Those, like yourself, who've gotten on their knees to suck down and swallow this idiocy of women in combat arms, refuse to comprehend that for a grunt unit to be "operational" it must be so for any possible situation that can come at a grunt unit.

    That means small units in extreme isolation, under extreme emotional/psychological compression, extreme, long term constant and unending physical exertion. Like it or not, dwell in delusion or not, play the punk for the retards or not, reality is what it is. Women do NOT belong in combat arms.

    Not only because the physical ability just isn't there for the long term demands that can, and will, be placed upon a grunt, but because of the living conditions common to grunts in the field. You can NOT mix genders in such close quarters with no privacy for extended periods of time. It. Can. NOT. Be. Done. Only idiots think it can be.

    While some of those who get in your face on this issue may not have served a day in uniform, some of us have. And, you, as you now stand on this issue, prove that having served doesn't necessarily mean you don't have your head fully up and lodged on particular issues.

    What remains to be seen is, are you a T3 or a C4?
    T3 = Temporary (happens to us all from time to time on various issues and such) Twit, Twat, Tard.

    C4 = Congenital (born with it, can't shake it no matter how hard a clue hammer is applied) C**t, Coward, C***sucker, Commiebastard.

    Semper Fi, Mac.
    And yeah, I'm way harsh on this issue and pull zero punch. This is about my brother grunts. Fuck with them, add more grief and stress to their lives because of some insanely stupid dysfunctional PC bullshit?, and you make an enemy for life.

    So, until you unfuck yourself on this, Fuck you.

  3. Don't hold back, Grimmy - tell us how you REALLY feel.

    While you're at it, Troll; please explain to me how it is that women serve honorably and successfully in Special Operations units worldwide - to include the United States military?

    We're waiting . . .

  4. Grimmy said...

    Grimmy - please explain how our females get through SERE:C training with flying colors?

    They get the waterboarding that our current admin thinks is too hard on those poor little terrorists.

    Females go through the same SERE as males.

  5. Grimmy said...'You can NOT mix genders in such close quarters with no privacy for extended periods of time. It. Can. NOT. Be. Done. Only idiots think it can be.'

    Grimmy - there must be tons of idiots out there because SAPPER school throws them all together to live together, and have since the 1st gal graduated Sapper Leader Course in Ft. Leonard Wood in 1999.
    Not everyone views women as sexual objects.

    Face it - there is no longer a 'front line' that we can keep deployed women away from. They are in the middle of crap wherever they are over there. Lets give them the skills they need in combat.

  6. If grunt chick has to shit behind the truck, six guys got her covered. Other way around she is point on the six.

  7. Hey bro, 'bout that dunlap.
    Think it could be the suds after the 5 mile?
    Just sayin.

  8. I've been plagued by lower back problems all my life, due to an injury when I was 18.

    I finally found some relief years later by going to a chiropractor about every three months or so. I had built up quite a lack of waist and an excess of fat over the years and the chiropractor suggested Core Training as a way to not only lose my fat and build muscle but to also help my back stay where it was supposed to be.

    It worked. I am not doing them as much as I used to due to age and other problems but I still manage about 15 minutes a day to try and keep my back from getting me down (literally).

    Papa Ray

  9. Way past due:

    Army drops bayonets, busts abs in training revamp

    But my war was a little different. We had to walk long distances up and down and around in conditions that required long distance endurance. Kinda like traversing the mountains in the Afghan but with dense jungle that fought you every step of the way. But all in all I think these changes will be for the better.

    I guess we will see.

    Papa Ray