Sunday, March 28, 2010


Along with Earth Day, one of the High Holy Days of the Godless Religion of Environmentalism.

On the issue of the Environment, Global Warming, Pollution, etcetera; Al Gore's Global-Warming-Fern-Feeling-Tree-Loving-BunnyHugger Brigade will tell you:

o The United States consumes 75% of the world's energy resources.

o The United States is responsible for producing 25% of the world's "greenhouse gases", ozone-depleting pollutants, etcetera . . .

And they will tell you that this is bad, and that America needs to be held accountable for it's wasteful energy consumption.

I tell you that THIS IS GOOD!

Consider: If we're using 75% of the world's energy resources, but only producing 25% of the world's industrial effluents; this means that the rest of the world is using 25% of the world's energy resources, and yet they're kicking out 75% of the pollution and bad stuff.

In other words; the rest of the world needs to come to us and ask WHAT IS IT THAT WE'RE DOING RIGHT?

Anyone who's visited Mexico City, or Bangkok, or Japan, or Cairo, or the industrial zones of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, knows what what shitholes those places have become.

Oddly, whenever the Eco-Awareness crowd is bashing the United States - like that Copenhagen disaster last year - they never seem to talk about those places. Oh no, it's always the U.S. and the "developed countries" (i.e. Western Europe) who are the bad guys.

Here's a suggestion for all you Greenies: if you want to cut down on pollution, if you think coal-fired power plants and fossil-fuel powered automobiles are so bad; just go ahead and unplug your TVs and computers, turn off the heat in your homes and use candles instead of electric lightbulbs, ride around on bicycles or on horses just like the Amish and whatever you do - DON'T BE CAUGHT LISTENING TO NO POLITICALLY CORRECT PROTEST SONGS PLAYED OUT OVER AMPLIFIERS AND SPEAKERS ! ! !


Blue Oyster Cult, "Cities on Flame With Rock and Roll"

Environmentalism, just one more way for the enemies of Capitalism.




  1. Oh, look. The usual before and after shot where the greenie dirtballs either:

    A. Overexposed the 'before' image to make it brighter and underexposed the 'after' image to make it appear like lights had been turned off, or

    B. Took an image from a working day in winter and contrasted it with an image taken on a weekend night.

    They do this every year.

    Me? Every light on and the V8 idling in the driveway (under floodlights) while I checked the timing.


  2. SL -- Didn't think I could love you any more. I was wrong. CITIES ON FLAME WITH ROCK AND ROLL! Friggin' sweet!!! Find a vid of SEVEN SCREAMING DIZ BUSTERS and I'll be completely amazed. Only BOC fans know these songs. They weren't played on the radio.

  3. Look closely at the world map in the first photo above, the dark area just west of Japan. Every hour is "Earth Hour" in North Korea. Let the Greenies go there for their utopia, and leave the rest of us alone.

  4. My place was lit up like Times Square. Every light was on. Come to think of it, the entire neighborhood had more lights on than usual.

  5. Do those morons really expect anyone with an IQ >99 to believe those 'before' and 'after' photographs are genuine. How sickening patronising.

    My electric bill took a big jump between 7 and 11 just to make sure I got the time right! Kettles, searchlights and heaters all full on...

  6. How did the Earth hour organisers manage to turn off the sun?
    In that first world picture its night everywhere.
    If they have this power, we should all be afraid,be very afraid