Thursday, March 4, 2010


'Hurt Locker' producers sued days before Oscars

Master Sergeant Jeffrey S. Sarver believes screenwriter Mark Boal based "virtually all of the situations" in the film on events involving him and claims he coined the phrase "the hurt locker," according to a statement from lawyer Geoffrey Fieger in Southland, Michigan, who is representing Sarver.

We'll see . . . I dunno if this G.I. has a case or not, I'm not a lawyer . . . all I know is he sure as hell never made up the phrase "Hurt Locker" - when I went through the Special Forces "Q" Course back in '87-'88, we had a Recon Marine going through with us. He used to say things like, "That guy's in the Hurt Locker, man!"

IN FACT - I've been using that phrase for so long, my WIFE picked up on it, and it sure sounds funny to hear an itty bitty Oriental woman say things like: "Rook at him, he in a Hurt Rocker!"

- S.L.



  1. His claim about coining the phrase probably hurt the rest of his case.

  2. i heard the phrase in the 80s as well. it may have came from the early days of wresling on tv. not sure just a maybe. skullhead

  3. in the seventies aboard the good ship California, we had both a hurt locker as well as a weep locker.
    steve cpo

  4. I remember hearing the phrase in the late 70s, early 80s.

    I think the plaintiff is full of crap.

  5. While he is not the originator, you can be sure that the producers or writer of this somewhat screwed up movie didn't just pick it out of thin air. They got it from him or someone that was military or ex-military.

    The only things these hollyweird people know about lockers is that is where they used to keep their stash and their dirty gym socks.

    Papa Ray

  6. i first heard the expression as early as '65 during my military service from '64-'68 SOoo it is not a newly coined phrase or expression - and now unfortunately it will be used out of context and/or misunderstood by those who have never been there - in the hurt locker...
    an american in sweden

  7. According to the writer-producer Mark Boal “hurt locker” is a military slang that means “a bad and painful place.” He said during an interview that “EOD soldiers use it as a form of poetic understatement: If an improvised explosive device, or IED, goes off while you're trying to disarm it, the ‘hurt locker’ is likely to mean a white box draped in a flag and shipped home with full military honors.”