Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Literally . . .

Iraq, Afghanistan War Veterans Criticize Movie 'Hurt Locker' as Inaccurate

"Huge slap in face to every soldier who's been on front line . . ."

"I would watch it with other EOD people, and we would laugh . . ."

The Bravo Sierra was coming through the screen so thick and fast I couldn't even bring myself to watch it; it's good to know I wasn't the only one whose BS meter pegged out - read the comments below my earlier post. I'm an SF engineer not EOD but I do know a thing or two about clearing unexploded ordinance and mines, from personal experience; no professional wants an idiot like this guy anywhere near them. I forgot to mention that when you shoot a windshield (like in that clip, below) it doesn't shatter into a million little pieces like that, only in Hollywood. The bullets just go through, even in crappy third-world windshields.

OK so 'Hurt Locker' nosedives . . . what's my idea of a really good war movie? Try this one out for size:

I especially appreciate the way Steven Spielberg explores the angst . . .

- S.L.


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