Wednesday, March 17, 2010


A Tea Party rally took place today on Capitol Hill, part of a last minute push to put pressure on members of the House of Representatives before they vote on the Health Care Bill. Here is a selection of images from the rally:

Alexander Hamilton? Hell YEAH ! ! ! A laissez-faire capitalist like myself. Wasn’t he a rumrunner? I LOVE THE GUY! Please tell me he was a gunrunner – I’ll love him even more ! ! !

How good it is to see an outstanding group of Citizenry coming together to practice their Rights of Free Speech and Assembly. So civil, such a refreshing change from the usual crowd of Code Pinkers, Anarchists, Greens, Socialists, Communists and the rest of the maggot-infested scum the left imposes upon us at THEIR demonstrations:

No, you are, Pea-Brain.

Tell it to all the countries we liberated, Commie.

Your breasts ARE bombs, bee-yotch! Mk 82 500-pounders, by the looks of them . . .

Behold the wild-eyed stare of a true fanatic; this is Kundra Vivek, Chief Information Officer at the White House - Obama's Infotech Czar; I bet she's a barrel of monkeys at the Washington Cocktail Party Circuit.

Yeah? Were you THERE, Maggot? I doubt it somehow . . . SO . . . what have YOU done for God & Country today?

A practitioner of scrotal inflation at the Anarchist Bookfair; Berkeley, California, March 26, 2005.

Me? I make common cause with the Tea Partiers:


Imagery credit: Noah Kristula-Green FrumForum and The Zombietime Hall of Shame . . . -S.L.




  1. Thanks for the pics. I really is easy to distinguish between good & evil.

  2. Ernst and Röhm [Jan, 25, 2010]
    “...reverse the overall erosion in middle class security...”
    -President Obama, Jan 25, 2010;

    A specter haunting President Obama haunts
    The textbooks, episodes of History Channel.
    In film the Fuhrer dies by it—it saved a gaunt
    And saintly Private Ryan. Secretly, panels
    Of Koch executives gloat as Teabag pawns fight
    For vassalage. 'Aren't Ernst and Röhm the tax people,'
    I've heard them ask. Security from thought—to spite
    Their loneliness, they seek control of courts, steeples.
    Oh Hannah Arendt dance with me, don't dance too deep—
    A squad of goons are coming into town: beep beep!

  3. Reagan ConservativeJune 23, 2012 at 2:29 AM

    Great pics to distinguish good and evil. Evil obviously being the tea party