Monday, March 29, 2010


This is aerial footage of the big Tea Party rally held this weekend in Searchlight, Nevada - Harry Reid's home town - forwarded to me from the American Border Patrol - (not to be confused with the U.S. Border Patrol).

The video (scroll down) shows traffic flowing south on Nevada State Route 95 leading from Las Vegas to Searchlight. Some of the backup is due to the traffic trying to enter the rally site, but a lot of it consists of people trying to get to the site.

Sarah Palin on stage.

Another shot of the stage.

The crane over the stage.

Panning out now.

Panning WAY out.

This thing was probably visible from outer space!

There was one report that a group from Bullhead City, Arizona had to walk 4.5 miles from where their bus had to park. Many probably chose to pass on by realizing there was no place to park.

Bear in mind - this political rally took place in the middle of nowhere - makes me wonder; was Barack Obama's movement pulling these kind of crowds two and a half years out from the '08 elections?

- S.L.


  1. Sean, I was there. It was that packed. I know for a fact that quite a few people chose to cruise in the traffic rather than walk miles as I did to get into the event. I heard news reports after I left that the gridlock extended from Searchlight to Henderson which is just south of Las Vegas, so I drove through Laughlin to Kingman and up over Hoover Dam to get home quicker.
    But it was all well worth the time and effort!

  2. Gotcha PJ - I posted some publicity for your post (above) . . . excellent situation report!
    - S.L.

  3. WOW-thanks for sharing. For some reason I must have missed this on ABC....CBS....NBC....