Friday, October 22, 2010


Theo sent me this link to a post at THIS AIN'T HELL and I'm sorry I didn't get back to you earlier on this Theo - I've been heavily engaged. To anybody who knows the meaning of the phrase "gooks in the wire" - well, I've been involved in the corporate equivalent of that, past couple of weeks now.

This imagery is apparently from a recent anti-war protest in Seattle. Act Now to Stop the War and End Racism (ANSWER) was there, Military Families Speak Out, Veterans For Peace and some other participants.

OK the focus is on this guy: four rows of ribbons with the Combat Infantry Badge beneath them, and his pin-on Master Sergeant rank there on his pocket flap.

Any vet who was ever earned the CIB would put it above everything. Period.

OK lets take it from there: Master Sergeant rank - only enlisted rank higher is Sergeant Major - there is no way a real Master Sergeant would get his fruit salad wrong like this guy:

Top row: Korean Defense Service Ribbon, Army Commendation Ribbon, Meritorious Service Ribbon;

Second Row: Army Achievement Ribbon, Army Reserve Component Achievement Medal, Armed Forces Reserve Medal;

Third Row: Iraq Campaign Medal, Overseas Service Medal, Army Service Ribbon (with 3 Oak Leaf Clusters - DEAD WRONG - lovingly referred to as the "Basic Training Ribbon" or "Thanks For Showing Up" there are NO Oak Leaf Clusters, numeral devices, NOTHING for the ASR - you only get one, once).

Fourth Row: National Defense Service Medal, Kuwait Liberation Medal (Saudi), Kuwait Liberation Medal (Kuwait).

Award precedence is right to left, top to bottom - so he's all wrong there; his highest award is the MSM, which should be top right. Korean Defense, which he has as the highest award, should go below the Iraq Campaign Medal, and the National Defense would go before either of those.

If he really earned an Iraq Campaign Medal and the Saudi/Kuwait stuff, he should also have a bronze service star on the National Defense Service Medal, and a GWOT Service Medal at a minimum. The Kuwait ribbon is upside down, it also looks like the campaign star(s?) on the Iraq Campaign medal are upside down.

Now, it's possible (I suppose) for a Master Sergeant with combat infantry experience NOT to have earned a Bronze Star - but I haven't ever seen it like that.

There’s no NCO Development Ribbon - impossible to make it to Master Sergeant without picking up this one. So he thinks he’s a Master Sergeant, but got his ribbons and medals mixed up and upside down? And if I’m not mistaken, the Korean Defense Medal is for combat during the Korean War, or some of the post-war DMZ engagements - last one of those I'm aware of was a thirty-minute firefight up there in 1984.

I'm calling this guy out as a phony. This guy is a Phony Wannabe; full of Phony Baloney.

OK now, I have a question for the Veterans For Peace organization: if you've got to front up obvious fake veterans like this Bozo to promote your agenda, what does this say about the legitimacy of your cause?

There's a greater question, of course: How come none of the Batt Boys from 2nd/75th were there to kick this disrespectful sunnuvabitch's ass?




  1. Master Sergeant? This guy is seriously confused and needs help (a serious ass-kicking for starters). What rank is he in this picture?

  2. A lot of civilians will base their opinion of veterans on this ass clown and other phony wannabes. Sadly he is protected by law.

  3. Obviously free speech rights exist for good reason (ass clowns like this aside). The problem is that the mortgage is owned to Red China. The real threat to our way of life is not ass clowns like this, but our profligate spending. Drunken sailors have been given a bad name. How about a few posts on the real ass clowns???