Tuesday, October 26, 2010


General McChrystal Breaks His Silence

Speaking publicly for the first time since being relieved of command in Afghanistan, Gen. Stanley McChrystal opened up at the Innovators Summit in New Orleans about WikiLeaks ("it's sad"), Afghan President Hamid Karzai ("a great partner"), and the "great danger" of the instant news cycle.

McChrystal talked about his move to alter counterinsurgency strategy in Afghanistan, changing the use of air power and connecting with civilians at the local level. He made it a point, he said, to apologize personally to Karzai when an incident involving civilian casualties would occur. "Then, as events would occur that would test that trust, we had a reservoir to fall back on," he said.

At the summit, McChrystal denounced WikiLeaks release of 400,000 classified documents on Iraq, saying "individuals are making judgments about threats and information they are not qualified to make."

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