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The past news cycle has generated a couple of My-Face-My-Butt-Social-Web-Virtual-Web-Engineering-Not-Real-Site-related stories.

Or whatever.

First is this big deal over a young lady who's running for Congress, a bunch of uptight hypocrites who probably ate too much library paste when they were kids are trying to destroy her life over a bunch of photos she had posted on her Facebook thingie that are downright TAME by STORMBRINGER party standards.

I mean, anybody who's read my Blog more than once should realize that I'm such an ultra-conservative I make Rush Limbaugh look middle of the road . . . left of center if anything . . .

HAVING SAID THAT, here at STORMBRINGERs when the party lamp is lit - ANYTHING GOES . . . Google the Green Bar in Algodones and you'll know I'm no Boy Scout . . . I could keep you lot laughing your tits off with stories of self discovery in the Lesbian bars of Key West . . . or the time I demonstrated the fine art of tequila deep cleavage body shots at my twentieth high school reunion . . . nights without end staggering through the red light districts of Bangkok . . . Onlongapo . . . Hong Kong . . . ITaeWon . . . Tel Aviv . . . down by the Koenigstrasse in Stuttgart . . .

This stuff about poor little Krystal Ball is TAME - they keep honking on about "scantily clad" photos . . . do you mean to tell me THIS is what the big deal is all about? BORING ! ! ! Hell, the thing we SHOULD be focusing on is the fact that she's a DEMOCRAT . . .

Not even up to Babes of STORMBRINGER standards . . .

HOKAY we move on from that Yawn Fest Non-Scandal to the NEXT Face Butt Generation Poster Child to initiate the Self-Destruct Sequence on himself:

Meet Alex Knepper

This kid's biggest crime seems to be that - like all adolescents - he thinks he invented sex AND he had the poor lack of judgment to document his adolescent gropings on the Internet. Of course, in Alec's case his crime is compounded by the fact that he is a self-proclaimed queer homo of the gay variety.

I know I'm going to get it for that last bit - NOW before everybody starts honking on about how Sean Linnane is a Homo Sapien hater and all the rest of it let me say two things: A) I could care less what a bunch of uptight library paste eaters think about me, and B) I can assure you I am NOT a hater.

Anyway, Dave Frum vouched for Alex and that's good enough for me. Alex, you can drink from my canteen any day . . . uh . . . hang on there Alex now you're done I have to wipe the opening REAL GOOD and maybe use some kind of alcohol swab . . . nothing personal, Alex; it's just that there are viruses out there . . . and the fact that I don't know and I really don't WANT to know where those lips might have been ten minutes ago . . .

SERIOUSLY THOUGH I could care less about Alex Knepper's sexuality, and that is really the point of all this. For every guy like Alex Knepper who's thing is going down the Old Dirt Road with other guys - WELL H-E-Y-Y-Y that just means more poontang for ME! =)

And if Alex Knepper wishes to be some kind of exhibitionist then he has just learned there is a price for this kind of hedonism and he has paid. Myself - I'd just as soon NOT have people's sexuality thrown in my face and THAT IS THE POINT.

We of the American Warrior Class don't care if a guy is hetero-, homo-, or has a rubber chicken suit in his duffel bag . . . WE REALLY DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR SEXUALITY . . . all we care about is that a guy can troop the line, carry his load and do his part for God and Country . . . and that he keeps his kink in the closet where it belongs . . .

Well, no, that was not my point . . . I got off track there with the DADT philosophy a Lesbian sailor once shared with me on little sea cruise on the USS Mount Whitney . . . my point is about this whole modern compulsion of people to disgorge every facet of their lives onto the Internet for no objective reason whatsoever . . . NOTHING GOOD WILL COME OF THIS.

There's a reason I adopted a nom de guerre - I have a professional career and my employers would not be too thrilled to learn I have a side gig as a philosopher.

I know a thing or two about the nature of security organizations - from an insider's point of view - and I know what a background investigation is. Everything you do in life - no matter how deep you think you have it buried - will come back up to haunt you - ESPECIALLY IF YOU PUT IT ON FACEBOOK.

Unless you did it in the dead of night, that is, and nobody was in on the deal with you, nobody saw you do it, you didn't leave a shred of evidence, and most importantly she doesn't know your name.

Search the Internet high and low, you will not find a photograph linking a face to Sean Linnane. There is no Facebook, no My Space, nothing. I'm not even on Linked In, not even under my real name. One of the trolls over at Frum Forum dished up this photo in a lame attempt to have some fun at my expense.


The shameful part is, not only is that NOT me, that is Sergeant William J. Cahir, former news reporter and congressional candidate, who enlisted in the Marines at age 35 and was killed in action August 13 2009 in Helmand province, Afghanistan.

Sgt. Cahis was a much more worthy man than me, and TEN MILLION TIMES more worthy a human being than the pathetic wannabe's out there who's idea of getting a life is to dredge up some party shots of Krystal that are so tame they look like a meeting of the Ladies Auxiliary, or to lower themselves into the sewer in order to character assassinate young Alec Knepper whose only crime was youthful indiscretion.


Alright that's it for today's mentoring session. Before you get back to work you can take 5. Smoke 'em if you got 'em, the porta-potties and the dumpsters are ON LIMITS!



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