Sunday, October 10, 2010


For quite some time now, the Trolls that infest the comments columns at Frum Forum have been making sport accusing me of racism - all because of a comment somebody else made here, comparing Michelle Obama to a Klingon.

BarryS -
Linnane, you only have to read your blog to know that you are a racist, and that you surround yourself with racists. Do you call your wife a “Klingon” as Michelle Obama was described on your blog?

Typical chickenshit liberal - all mouth and no chutzpah when I called him out for bringing my wife into the equation.

Never mind the fact that I don't know what the hell he's talking about.

BUT . . . because I am a philosopher and I seek Truth in all things, over the past year I explored this concept; it took me until now to find the time to acquire imagery from my contacts in SPACECOM and to compile my findings:

Michelle Obama - totally looks like - Lursa the Klingon


Michelle Obama IS a Klingon!

And Barack is a FERENGI!

OK now that we've had our little fun - will somebody explain to me how any of this is racist? I mean, WHAT RACE is "Klingon" ? ? ?

Last time I looked, they only exist in Science Fiction.

Of course, the way things are going in Reality these days, Sci Fi is looking more and more within the realm of normalcy . . .



  1. Photoshop Klingon prosthetics on my pic and I'll look like a Klingon too.

  2. Hell for my 2cents I think Lursa looks better.

  3. I've seen how you're pounced upon on the Frum Forum. Some of these people are quite nuts about you and you should be proud of yourself for it.

    In case you didn't know it, (and I'm sure you do) there are many on the left who seem to have one purpose in life. That is to pounce upon any right thinking blog, or blogger, in order to try to run them off, to brow beat them into submission or discredit them. Of course since you're also perceived as a mercenary and "who knows what"? You should probably be hanged, drawn and quartered....

    Of course, the word racist means nothing anymore since it has been so overused and cheapened by these Marxist dialectic flame throwers that anyone not afraid to think for themselves should be accused of being a racist at least once every couple years by these servile would-be commissars.....jd

  4. Trolls, uh? Kinda like dogshit on your boots.

    Don't worry Brother, you are a just and upright man. You don't have to prove up to your friends. And to your enemies? Fuck 'em, they are not even worthy of steel. Maybe bludgeoned and left for the crows if one felt energetic or ... just leave them be, they'll eat each other.

  5. No, not Klingon. More, "The Man Trap" creature - Nancy Crater.

  6. no way PBHO can be a Ferengi, they are free market people that believe in profit, and keeping what you earn!

  7. Thanks Dude

    "and that you surround yourself with racists"

    So now according to BarryS I am one too. Maybe if you had a disclaimer, say maybe:

    Disclaimer: Be it hereby known that this Blog's owner, together with but not excluding all those certain parts thereunto, shall be held unaccountable against all hurt felling, ulcers, broken items, and anything else stupid you do because of something I say, that occur between now and Thursday afternoon shortly before 2, during which time the User will, at no charge to the Owner, be subject to my legion of little people, who will emerge from their caves and engage in rituals designed to cleanse the User of evil spirits. WARNING: IT MAY BE A VIOLATION OF SOME LAW IF YOU REMOVE A MATTRESS TAG AND I CAN NEITHER CONFIRM NOR DENNIE THE PRESENTS OF NUCLEAR WEAPONS.

  8. Or you could say "if you don't like what I'm saying, click off and go here":

  9. So where is Jerri Ryan these days?
    Excellent subject for a photo investigation I would think.

  10. I too am often accused of being racist. Couldn't be further from the truth. When I criticize Obummer for instance. That cannot be racist. He has no race. His white mother was bred by his black father. He was raised by his white momma like a rich white boy.
    In their criticism of me, they fail to note that I don't like his white half either.