Thursday, October 28, 2010


At this time, there are two countries in the world where it is illegal to purchase individual health insurance:

Canada, and North Korea.

The Democrats have set things up to set us on our way to becoming third on that list.



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  1. You have to get your basic insurance through government but you can also buy added coverage from the private sector.If you have a really fat wallet you are also free to go to another country for your medical needs which many of our politicians do.In my province you pay premiums based on your taxable income and also a large part of the yearly provincial budget is spent on health care.Also in Canada something like 5 million people have no family doctor which makes it very difficult to get a referral to a specialist if you need one.I think it would be safe to say more Canadians go to America for the care they can't get here than the other way around. posted by cj gordon of e-Lee1