Sunday, October 17, 2010


Sent in by a reader - negative knowledge on name, ID . . .

OK, let's take it from the top:

Beret: appears to have a miniature SF tab above the "de Oppresso" crest on his beret - WRONG.

Left shoulder: this is the ONLY instance I have EVER seen of the unofficial MACV-SOG patch worn on the left shoulder in place of the regular Special Forces "Electric Butter Knife" unit patch. WRONG.

MACV-SOG vets DO wear this badge - usually as a miniature metallic lapel pin or cap badge.

Left chest: Combat Infantryman's Badge with Star (indicating two wars - Vietnam, sure, doesn't look old enough for Korea; Dom Rep maybe?)

HALO jumpmaster, static-line jumpmaster, unidentified foreign wings (wrong side) US and foreign ribbons mixed up in wrong order. I can identify Silver Star with V device - (WRONG - Silver Star is ONLY awarded for valor - V device is for Bronze Star) - Bronze Star with V - Vietnam campaign ribbons, some kind of UN ribbons . . .

Expert "Bolo" Badge w/ three types of qualification - RARELY WORN by retired vets as this badge requires current qualification.

Miscellaneous medals and badges, probably European in origin . . . possibly Baltic?

Blue "U.E.P." crest with parachute within the European Union stars - does U.E.P. stand for Union European Parachutiste? WEIRD.

German Bundeswehr Fallschirmjaeger (paratrooper) beret insignia, improperly displayed.

Necktie: possible British Airborne Regiment.

Right chest: miscellaneous foreign wings (I see Bundeswehr wings there).

This guy looks strangely familiar. I once met the Prince Regent of Mongolia and this guy looks like a younger version of him. Maybe it's his little brother. Hmmm . . .


  1. Apart for a striking resemblance to Jabba the Hutt...

  2. Now that I think about it he looks like some kind of James Bondian bad guy . . .

    . . . the nicest thing I can say about this guy is MAYBE he served with the US forces in Vietnam, then went home and did time in his own country's Airborne (Finland?). He seems confused about how to place his American awards . . .

  3. Hey it's Odd Job from Goldfinger!

  4. He's a mean-looking, arrogant looking son of a bitch, I'll give him that . . .

    . . . sure as hell wouldn't want to be a guest against my will in HIS compound, that's for sure . . .

    1. Hello Theo,
      I would like to get in touch with you about this guy. I know him very well. Could you send me an email?

      Many thanks!

  5. It's the MONGOLIAN STOMPER....

    with hair, and a lot of nerve.....jd

  6. That my friends is MR. French from the television show "Family Affair."

  7. Your memory on service awards is downright amazing

  8. the green beret is 5 SFG Vietnam era..

  9. His name is Karel Meijers aka Dschero Khan and he is the real Dutch FAKE commando. He has never had an American passport so he has never been with the SF. He says he is a descender of Ghengis Khan, killed a copple of Japanese soldiers in indonesia at the age of 14 so he could escape a consentration camp. Boiled 1 head and kept is a soufenire. He invented the low kick...Became a fighting expert in a short time in Judo, Jiu Jitsu, Karate etc. etc. And the rest he tells is bla bla bla BS. So ignore this dude!

  10. You have all been pranked by the CIA (Again!) This person defected from the 1968 East German Woman’s Olympic Wrestling Team. Has the distinction of being the only individual to have the coveted triple canopy. 1st having endured numerous paper cuts while being assigned to a Remington Ranger outfit, 2nd five apex jumps using a 250 ft. static line, 3rd and toughest to get, one mass tactical, night, combat bungee cord jump with a 4.2 inch base plate. Hence the reason for all the stars. I’ll have to agree with you all on this one issue. The awards and citations are all wrong looks more like a blue light special from GI Joe’s Army Navy store. Next time I’m in New York City and someone hails a cab I’ll take a closer look.

  11. I think he served in Nam with a guy from my company. The guy in my company bought a "pea soup green" beret in the Ville (Yes---pea soup green). He also bought a double row of ribbons which contained a ribbon reflecting an award issued ONLY to "WACs. He wanted to "Impress" the "babes" he planned on partying with on R&R in Hawaii. He never scored though. I still get a sore stomach from laughing when I think about it. So many "Heroes"!!! Welcome Home & Never Forget to all my brother and sister REAL Vets. (RVN-66/67)

  12. kinda looks like chaz bono.

  13. president obomas mother?