Monday, October 18, 2010



Exclusive to STORMBRINGER by Special Correspondent Singapore Bill

Giving away food on elections day is nothing new . . . a lot of companies
gave away free food to voters last time around, including Chick-Fil-A, Starbucks, Krispy Kreme:

But this is truly diabolical . . . McDonald's bringing back the "McRib" sandwich again, this time nationwide on November 2nd - Election Day.

I never even heard of this culinary monstrosity before, and the picture is enough to keep me away, but you know it'll be as good as Oprah Chicken to get the folks out. Be on alert November 2 for the ZOMBIE UPRISING!

Is McDonald's just looking for free advertising, or does anybody else see a conspiracy here? We know McDonald's got an exemption from the Health Care law provisions. Has McDonald's worked out a deal with this administration to get an exemption from any nutrition provisions? What's the trade-off . . . bringing back McRib on election day? McDonald's Headquarters is in Oak Brook, IL, a Chicago suburb - just a coincidence? We know McDonald's brought back McRib in Chicago for Election Day 2006 -that was a test run.

Look at this thing - this is pure zombie food; of this there can be no doubt . . .

(Following are comments from the Baltimore Sun Talk Forum)

"Poor folks among others love ribs. Perhaps if they come out to buy a McRib on election day, they will stay out and vote!"

"Funny how folks in 3 jurisdictions that for the most part live off the government can vote in their meal tickets in this socialist state. Maryland is a prime example of the classic truism that Democracy is doomed once the citizens realize they can vote themselves other people's money . . . "

"Kill Hitler? Why would I want to do that? If I can travel back in time, the first thing I'm going to do is get a McRib!"

In Karachi they're out marching in the streets and burning down the town for the McRib . . .



  1. I can see how careful you're being to avoid stating the obvious, but....

    If you'd ever lived in the South you'd know that the only thing more "Ethnic" than a McRib is a pork chop sandwich.

    You absolutely nailed it here. This whole campaign is the cheapest form of low-down racial pandering I've ever seen - and that's going some, believe me.

  2. Wall Street Journal Had a front page article on the McRib and its devoted fans on October 11, 2010 by Julie Jargon (Yes thats her name) I did not know there was a "McRib Locator" website

    onlooker guy from ohio

  3. just so you know, its always on the menu here in Germany!

  4. Sean....You don't have to have one!! Imagine Spam, or would that be "Speef" on a bun with really, really, bad BBQ slop.

    Just plain yuck. *Kinda like Liberals*

  5. The motivation here is much simpler, and more straight forward than folks are giving it credit for.

    While Zombies prefer brains, this sandwich closely approximates the taste, texture, and odors of the brains. Hence, when it is time to get the vote out the sandwich appears on the menu. In these elections, we cannot disenfranchise the "dead vote". As you pointed out, this is a Chicago based company and they have the formula down for energizing the "dead vote" and getting them to the polls.

    Has anyone mapped the locations of local McDonald's stores to polling places?

    My guess would be that the sandwich will be retired again after the Chicago Mayoral elections.

  6. Wow. Am I glad I'm not alone in this whole McRib Conspiracy thing. It goes a lot deeper than most people think, and I've been posting on it at my groups website for sometime.

    Hopefully with enough Whistle Blowers like us out there, we can put a halt to this, yet again!